Brookings Institution study upends Dartmouth Atlas assumptions

A new report by the Brookings Institution questions previous studies that delve into the vast differences in healthcare spending in different regions of the country.

Hospital spending growth slow in Vermont

Hospital budgets are rising in Vermont at one of the lowest rates on record, with many of the state's inpatient care facilities filing estimated budgets significantly lower than the numbers projected by the state's Green Mountain Care Board, according to the Brattleboro Reformer.

Rural Tennessee hospitals struggle to stay open

Tennessee's rural hospitals continue to struggle, bearing the burden of the state's decision to pass on expanding the Medicaid program, the Memphis Daily News reported.

Hospitals still struggle to cut medical errors

Physicians often labor under what is described as a "culture of perfection" that deflects efforts to reduce the number of medical errors in hospital settings.

Hospitals find new ways to cut costs through energy efficiencies

Demand response programs for energy consumption can help hospitals cut costs and save big bucks, Healthcare Finance News reported.


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A mobile software industry group is lobbying a lawmaker to help speed innovation and app development for the healthcare sector without sacrificing security and privacy protection.


When it comes to high-pri ced clinical treatments with murky evidence of effectiveness, proton beam therapy  takes the cake. As hospitals rake in the profits, payers are left with the bill for a treatment that can cost $30, 000 more than other types of radiation therapies.