New payment model proposed for ACOs

The current payment plans for accountable care organizations do not work and should be replaced with a global payment model adjusted for risk, two healthcare experts say in a Health Affairs blog post.

Hospital, healthcare system pay on the rise

Pay at hospitals and health systems--particularly those larger in size--are going up at a fairly brisk pace, according to the latest compensation survey from SullivanCotter & Associates.

Are hedge funds and private equity firms driving up healthcare costs?

The actions of hedge funds and private equity firms to drive up the profitability of their investments also cause the costs of healthcare delivery to rise dramatically, according to a non-profit, left-of-center organization.

Florida's governor wants hospitals to provide more pricing data

Florida Gov. Rick Scott, who had a contentious relationship with the state's hospitals, wants them to cough up more information that would benefit their patients.

The downside of giving physicians more bargaining power

Giving additional bargaining power to physicians often comes at the expense of hospital management, according to new data


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Physicians have experienced revenue growth in the wake of the Affordable Care Act, according to a new issue brief from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Surprisingly, the effect was more pronounces among states that did not expand Medicaid eligibility


For nearly a decade, Physicians Practice has ranked the best states to practice, using an algorithm that weighs factors including cost of living, physician density, disciplinary actions taken against physicians, tax burden per capita, malpractice paid loss and reimbursement compared to the cost to treat patients.