SGR fix not likely in near-term

Providers should once again expect lawmakers to approve the time-honored patch to the Sustainable Growth Rate formula to ensure physicians don't endure a huge cut in Medicare reimbursement, according to MedPage Today. 

Massachusetts hospitals that charge more get more revenue

Academic medical centers and other hospitals that charge higher prices for their services received the lion's share of payments for providing care to patients in Massachusetts in 2012 and 2013, according to a new study published by the Center for Health Information and Analysis.

Daughters of Charity sues union for Prime deal interference

Prime Healthcare Services has yet to decide whether to purchase six hospitals from the Daughters of Charity healthcare system for $843 million. But Daughters of Charity has not hesitated to sue one of the deal's biggest critics.

ACO chief: Controlling 'super-utilizers' one of the keys to success

Using data analytics to identify "super-utilizers" within a healthcare system is one of the key ways for an accountable care organization to control costs.m accordinf to Sheila Fusé, CEO of Primary Partners, LLC.

3 recommendations for HHS payment reform

As part of its shift from fee-for-service to the value-based payment model, the Department of Health and Human Services should focus on bundled payments, cancer treatment and improving the accountable care organization model. argues a new opinion piece by healthcare economist Ezekiel Emanuel and colleagues for the Center for American Progress.


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Third parties receive personal health information from more than 90 percent of visits to health-related websites, according to research to be published in the March 2015 issue of  Communication of the ACM.


America's Health Insurance Plans filed an amicus brief in support of  New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's anti-trust case against the pharmaceutical firm Actavis.