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It's rare when you can mutter the words "novelist," "Jeopardy contestant" and "FierceHealthFinance" in the same breath. But Ron Shinkman, editor of FierceHealthFinance, makes it all possible. Besides writing a novel that one reviewer deemed a "wry thriller," Ron once won $16,000 as a Jeopardy contestant!

No doubt Ron amassed his plot ideas--not to mention mounds of miscellaneous trivia--during nearly two decades as a journalist. You may remember Ron from his years as the Los Angeles Bureau Chief of Modern Healthcare, where he focused on corporate governance issues. Or maybe you recognize his byline from the Los Angeles Business Journal, where he covered the healthcare and insurance beats. He has also written for HealthLeaders Media, Trustee magazine, and Payer & Providers. He can be reached at Follow him @FierceHealth on Twitter and find him on LinkedIn.

Articles by Ron Shinkman

The imposing cost of a single opioid overdose

The cost of a single opioid overdose is significant for both the healthcare system and the patient, according to the MetroWest Daily News. Costs include expensive ancillary services such as ambulance rides, the administration of drugs and inpatient drug treatment programs after a clinical recovery.

If enacted, Clinton's 'Medicare for some' proposal may help hospitals

I'm not sure what to make of 86-year-old William Hager, who almost certainly will spend what remains of his days behind bars for shooting and killing his 78-year-old wife. He claimed the couple...

Senators lobby CMS over site-neutral payments

Fifty-one United States Senators have asked the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to closely consider its payment rules for outpatient centers operated by hospitals off their campuses, AHA News Now reported.

Massachusetts ballot proposition to equalize hospital payments could be disastrous

A union-backed ballot initiative to equalize payments to hospitals in Massachusetts is raising significant concerns both within and outside the provider community. If passed by voters later this year, no hospital would be paid more than 20 percent above the statewide average for any medical procedure, according to The Boston Globe.

Oregon hospitals to furnish price estimates

Oregon's hospitals have been the latest to join the price transparency bandwagon, although like most states, in a very limited fashion.

Drug charities play role in driving up costs

Pharmaceutical companies that have been buying up rights to old-line drugs are also contributing to charity assistance programs to not only provide cover for their business practices, but to help boost sales, according to Bloomberg Businessweek. And those programs are benefiting richly from such practices.

Chris Christie tells NJ hospitals to spend state funds on substance abuse treatment

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie wants a more concrete commitment from the state's hospitals regarding their treatment of substance abuse patients or will slash reimbursements for uncompensated care, according to

ER physicians struggle with another challenge: Huge debts

Emergency room physicians are in demand, but soaring medical education debt has cast some doubts on how well the pipeline will be supplied in the coming years.

Mental health services lead U.S. spending outlays

The costs to treat mental health disorders far outstrips that of other medical conditions, according to a new study published in Health Affairs.

Non-profit hospital systems often under pressure to behave like for-profits

Non-profit hospital systems are coming under increasing pressure from the investor community to behave more like for-profit operations, providing a level of transparency that would be closer to that of a publicly-traded firm, The Wall Street Journal reported.