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It's rare when you can mutter the words "novelist," "Jeopardy contestant" and "FierceHealthFinance" in the same breath. But Ron Shinkman, editor of FierceHealthFinance, makes it all possible. Besides writing a novel that one reviewer deemed a "wry thriller," Ron once won $16,000 as a Jeopardy contestant!

No doubt Ron amassed his plot ideas--not to mention mounds of miscellaneous trivia--during nearly two decades as a journalist. You may remember Ron from his years as the Los Angeles Bureau Chief of Modern Healthcare, where he focused on corporate governance issues. Or maybe you recognize his byline from the Los Angeles Business Journal, where he covered the healthcare and insurance beats. He has also written for HealthLeaders Media, Trustee magazine, and Payer & Providers. He can be reached at Follow him @FierceHealth on Twitter and find him on LinkedIn.

Articles by Ron Shinkman

Venture capital could help with hospital financials

Venture capitalists want to funnel money into the healthcare sector lately. Startups in the healthcare sector received a record $3.9 billion during the first quarter of 2015, the Wall Street Journal...

CMS proposes modest FY 2016 payment hike for rehab hospitals

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has issued a new proposed payment hike of 1.7 percent for inpatient rehabilitation facilities for the 2016 fiscal year. The increase would represent additional revenues of about $130 million. 

Is there a link between financial and personal health?

Is there a connection between one's financial and medical health? That is something an online private insurance company will explore by providing consumers with a combined financial and health score.

Rural health crisis: 30 hospitals in two states could close

​As many as 30 rural hospitals in Kentucky and Kansas are at risk of closing due to financial duress, Becker's Hospital CFO has reported.

CMS takes closer look at hospice care benefit

The Medicare program will revisit how it pays for the hospice care benefit in an attempt to avoid duplicate payments, Kaiser Health News has reported. However, some advocates worry that any changes could make it more difficult for terminally ill patients to decide to switch to hospice care.

Nursing homes could supplant hospitals as nexus of elderly care

Nursing homes could wind up being the primary setting for elderly patients to receive much of their care in the future, the New York Times has reported.

Hospital CFOs need more data on labor costs

​Hospital chief financial officers must focus on labor cost--both from staff and executives--and ask relevant questions in order to keep costs under control, according to an opinion piece in Healthcare Finance News.

Puerto Rico struggles with low levels of fed provider reimbursement

The federal government pays providers in Puerto Rico a fraction of what their counterparts in the United States receive--about 70 percent lower for Medicaid providers, creating a fiscal crisis.

Feds lean on holdout states to expand Medicaid

The fight over Medicaid expansion in the 20 states that have continued to opt out is heating up, according to Kaiser Health News.


The outsourcing explosion: Hospitals turn to outside firms to provide more clinical services [Special Report]

 In this special feature, FierceHealthFinance examines the financial benefits of outsourcing and how to avoid potential pitfalls.