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The Case for Clinically Driven RCM

Whitepaper | SPONSORED BY: Greenway | Published: 2014

Healthcare provider organizations would benefit greatly if their electronic health record and revenue cycle management systems operated in close concert, sharing their wealth of electronic data to operate as a unified health information platform. To learn more, download now!

Top 5 Takeaways From HIPPA Omnibus Audits

Whitepaper | Sponsored by: TigerText

Learn how you can avoid a negative HIPAA audit experience with these top 5 takeaways from HIPAA audits at other facilities and take the proper steps to keep PHI secure. Download this white paper today.

A Guide to the Joint Commission's Communication Goal

Whitepaper | Sponsored by: Spok | Published on: December 3

Poor communication among caregivers is a leading root cause of sentinel events in hospitals. Read this eye-opening guide for four tips to improve how caregivers share information. Stay up to date with industry news and download this informative guide today. Download today.

Top Four Ways Healthcare Organizations Benefit From Box

Whitepaper | SPONSORED BY: Box

Box connects people across the healthcare continuum for better collaboration, data exchange, improved workflow, research and care delivery. Box serves providers, payors and life science companies around the world with four main solutions. Download Today!

How to liberate medical imaging data from departmental silos

Whitepaper | Sponsored by Microsoft | Published on: November 11

Download this free whitepaper to learn how to provide providers and patients with safe, secure data access- anytime, anywhere, reduce the time, cost and complexity of managing medical imaging content and ensure business continuity and disaster recovery. Download today.

EMC Perspective: Integrating and accessing you inactive patient information

Whitepaper | SPONSORED BY: EMC

This Perspective explores the clinical archiving imperative and proposes an optimum solution for meeting the demands of patient-centered care. Download today!

Get the Most Out of Going Mobile: Best Practices in mHealth Implementation

Whitepaper | Sponsored by: Intel | Published: February 4, 2013

The very nature of the healthcare industry makes it ripe for a move to mobile ... but it also presents implementation challenges. Click here to download this free white paper today.