Hospitals should reconsider charity care for middle-class, insured patients

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) appears to help the poor the most (those who actually purchase heavily subsidized commercial policies and don't buy into the propaganda about socialized medicine...

NYC will pump hundreds of millions into hospital system

The City of New York will pump hundreds of millions of additional dollars into its beleaguered healthcare system in an attempt to not only keep it operating, but to get it past anticipated difficult times.

HCCI: Prices for care vary widely across country

Some states pay more than twice as much for identical healthcare services than others, raising questions about what each state can do to better control their costs.

Partners boo-boo could cost Massachusetts $160M in Medicare payments

Calculation errors regarding the wages paid by a tiny 19-bed hospital in Massachusetts could wind up having an outsized impact on the Medicare payments given to the other acute care providers statewide, The Boston Globe reported.

CEO from finance sector propels once-struggling Jackson Health into the black

On the hunt for new talent, healthcare increasingly draws from a pool without hospital experience, and now a Miami-Dade hospital network has pulled itself back from the brink after recruiting a retired banker to be its CEO, according to the Miami Herald.

Hospitals must take holistic approach to cutting drug costs

Hospitals seeking to cut costs in relation to their drug expenditures must take a holistic approach regarding how they integrate into the overall delivery of care, according to Pharmacy Times.

Financially struggling hospitals regret EHR replacements

If there was one expenditure executives at hospitals with shaky bottom lines regret making, it was the replacement of their electronic health records (EHR) system. That's the conclusion of Black Book Market Research, which surveyed more than 3,300 hospital executives and IT employees who worked for organizations that took the plunge on a new EHR system.

ACO model may evolve into joint affiliations

Hospitals and healthcare systems under pressure to transition to value-based care would do well to beef up their ties to integrated healthcare networks that have expertise in primary care and multispecialty group practice, according to a recent post at NEJM Catalyst.

Healthcare executives are optimistic about current state of financial affairs

Healthcare executives are generally optimistic about the current state of their businesses, although they have ongoing concerns about the ever-increasing cost of delivering care, according to a survey conducted by CIT Healthcare Finance.

Moody's: Non-profit hospital medians extremely healthy

Margins among non-profit hospitals have rebounded completely from the Great Recession and have hit highs not seen in several years, according to Moody's Investors Service, which analyzed the numbers for 190 hospitals and healthcare systems.

Some Louisiana hospital execs balk over Medicaid projections

One of the first acts of Louisiana's recently elected Democratic governor was to expand Medicaid eligibility under the Affordable Care Act.

High procedure volumes don't necessarily equate to better quality

Conventional wisdom holds that hospitals that perform more of the same procedures offer higher quality of care to patients, but that may not be the case, according to a new study in Applied Health Economics and Health Policy.

Executive compensation: Hospital CEOs in Massachusetts get raises amid falling profits

Hospital executive pay continues to climb even as profits fall in Massachusetts, according to the Lowell Sun.

The continued resistance to Medicaid expansion is silly and profoundly damaging

I recently journeyed to England and one impression that will stick with me is that the United Kingdom is paying closer attention to what goes on within its borders than the U.S. is within its own....

Coalition to push drugmakers on prices

A coalition of hospitals, insurers and businesses released a policy proposal that aims to increase drug pricing transparency, promote competition and that "strikes a balance between innovation and affordability."

New report criticizes charity care actions of 340B hospitals

Many hospitals participating in the 340B discount drug program are not giving their patients enough information about charity care, according to a new report.

Interactive map on healthcare prices shows they're all over the place

An interactive map describing the cost of common medical procedures in each state shows a huge variation in what patients pay depending on where they live.

Feds propose payment bumps to SNFs, rehab hospitals and hospice providers

Skilled nursing facilities, hospice providers and inpatient rehabilitation hospitals would all get payment bumps under proposed 2017 payment guidelines. Altogether the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services proposes to increase payments to those three types of providers by more than $1.2 billion in 2017.

Hearing loss linked to much higher healthcare costs

Older patients with hearing loss may also be losing something else: Their money. Patients between the ages of 55 and 64 who had a hearing loss had healthcare costs that were 33 percent higher than those without hearing loss, according to a recent study.

Free clinics pay role in defraying cost of care for insured patients

Community clinics are stretching themselves to provide one more service: Helping to defray the out-of-pocket costs of insured patients.