Many providers still on fence regarding bundled payments

The number of hospitals, hospital systems and physician groups that use bundled payments is slowly increasing, although many providers say they still remain on the fence about participating in this relatively new form of healthcare finance.

NYC speciality physicians paid millions

Specialist physicians practicing at some of New York City's hospitals receive millions of dollars a year in compensation, including hefty bonuses that some suggest are incentives to bring more patients through the doors, the New York Post reported.

SC Supreme Court uphold's enforcement of state's CON law

The South Carolina Supreme Court has ruled the state's certificate-of-need law needs to stay in place, The State reported.

VT hospitals eye "global budget" payment model

At least one Vermont hospital may transition to a drastically different payment system by the end of the year, according to VT Digger.

AHA, hospital groups sue over two-midnight rule

The American Hospital Association (AHA) and several individual healthcare delivery systems and hospital groups have filed two lawsuits challenging the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services' two-midnight rule and associated Medicare payment cuts, Health Data Management reports.

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Hospital self-pay policies vary widely

Not-for-profit and tax-exempt hospitals' protocols for self-pay patients--whether to write their bills off entirely as charity care or insist on years of payments--vary widely from facility to facility, according to 100Reporters.

Five ways CMS screwed up last week's release of Medicare payment doc data

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) last week missed the mark when it released the 2012 Medicare data on how much it paid doctors for their services. CMS' nearly lazy indifference in...

Branding critical to growing a hospital's business

The quality of clinicians and the care provided by a hospital is ultimately key to its reputation, but engaging in an active "branding" campaign is good for business as well, according to NursesCount.

Hospital mergers and acquisitions increased in 2013

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) increased among hospitals and health systems in 2013, according to a new analysis by Kaufman Hall.

NY hospitals don't know how to use funds for Medicaid patient admissions

New York hospitals will receive millions of dollars in funding to cut down on avoidable Medicaid patient admissions. The only problem: executives at many organizations have no idea what to do with the money, according to a survey released Monday by KPMG.

TX physicians create cash-only practices for uninsured

In Texas, which has millions of uninsured residents, doctors and patients increasingly rely on a cash-based finance model--a system that appears to work for both parties, according to the Texas Tribune.

NH judge rules state's bed tax unconstitutional

A judge in New Hampshire has ruled the state hospital tax, which it uses to raise matching federal funds for the Medicaid program, is unconstitutional, the New Hampshire Union Leader reported.

Effect of rural hospital closures lingers in communities

Rural hospitals are struggling across the United States, but when they close, it deprives their communities of both jobs and ongoing business development, Marketplace Radio reported.

A new era of hospital C-suite recruitment

More hospitals compensate CEOs based on quality of care and patient outcomes, while fewer organizations hire executives with previous healthcare experience, according to a recently published opinion piece by Mary Grayson, editorial director of the publication Hospitals & Health Networks.

Bipartisan Policy Center tackles long-term care financing

As the U.S. population ages in the coming decades, it will increase demand on long-term care services, and many questions remain about how to finance a viable system, according to a report from the Bipartisan Policy Center.

Are hospitals fudging charity care numbers?

Many hospitals may not need the fiscal benefits of providing and reporting charity care, according to 100Reporters.

CA hospitals overbilled Medicare by $367M

California's hospitals received overpayments from the Medicare program that totaled nearly $367 million in 2012, primarily for inpatient services, the San Francisco Business Times reported.

Physicians, specialty groups warn released CMS data lacks context

Many specialty groups, such as the American Medical Association, and individual physicians object to the federal government's release of data on doctors' Medicare payments.

Medicare doc data reveals million-dollar earners

One doctor earned nearly $21 million in 2012 from Medicare, according to an Associated Press analysis of the physician payment database that the Obama administration made available to the public early Wednesday.