How purchasing alliances strengthen hospitals and outcomes

Although hospitals and health systems largely form alliances and coalitions out of necessity, the arrangements positively impact care outcomes and individual providers, argues a Harvard Business Review blog post.

Report reveals budget gap in CBO Medicare spending projections

A 2009 Congressional Budget Office report on Medicare spending missed the mark on what Medicare spending would be in 2014

Vermont pulls single-payer plan

Maple syrup may continue be on the table for many Vermonters, but single-payer healthcare no longer is.

Prefab saved $4.3 million on Denver hospital construction

The use of prefabricated elements in the construction of a hospital in the Rocky Mountains saved millions of dollars, according to a new study by the University of Colorado.

Ratings agencies have pessimistic outlook for hospitals

Even as the economic recovery and the Affordable Care Act continue to take hold in much of the U.S., non-profit hospitals still face a pinched fiscal climate.

How one standalone hospital thrives in an era of consolidation

At a time when standalone hospitals feel pushed to form alliances to survive, one California provider has thrived without sacrificing its independence, according to MedCity News.

SGR repeal absent from federal spending bill

Although it seems the $1.1 trillion spending bill recently passed by Congress contained help for virtually every Washington interest group, doctors appear to have been left out.

HBO's Will Scheffer takes on CMS, hospice revenue: A must-watch for healthcare finance leaders

The first time I saw the dark HBO comedy "Getting On," every single healthcare policy synapse lit up in my brain. That one 30-minute episode explored the Centers for Medicare &...

Hospice market opens up for bid in Tampa Bay area

Florida officials have decided to expand hospice services in the western portion of the state, prompting a stampede of potential bidders for the services, the Tampa Bay Times has reported.

Partners criticized for nickel-and-diming lowest-paid employees

Partners HealthCare, which has come under fire for charging what some critics say are high prices for care, is conversely nickel-and-diming its lowest-paid employees, The Boston Globe reported.

RAC outpatient claims denials on the climb

Hospitals still continue to aggressively appealing claims denials by Recovery Audit Contractors and get a large percentage of them overturned, according to new data from the American Hospital Association's RACTrac Survey. And RACs also are becoming more aggressive in terms of denying outpatient claims for payment.

Tenet decides against buying Connecticut hospitals

The Constitution State is not for Tenet Healthcare. The Dallas-based for-profit hospital chain has pulled out of its bid to acquire five financially ailing hospitals in Connecticut, the Hartford Courant reported.

No satisfaction: Nurses' salaries remain flat

Though hiring in healthcare continues to move at a brisk pace, the industry's overall growth doesn't translate to improving nurses' compensation, a new report suggests.

U.S. hospitals spend more on administration than patient care

U.S. hospitals spend so much on unnecessary administration tasks that it adds about $2,000 to the typical American household's healthcare costs, new research by two physicians concluded.

Nearly 43 million Americans have medical debt

A new report by the Consumer Financial Bureau paints an unsettling portrait as to the extent of medical debt in the U.S. and how it affects individual patients.

Patient's employment status plays big role in readmission

Socioeconomic factors such as employment status are some of the biggest factors impacting the odds of a patient's readmission, according to a new study by Truven Health Analytics.

Accretive Health remains mum on earnings

The publicly-traded Accretive Health has not released any earnings reports for more than two years, and when it plans to release those numbers--along with restatements of earnings going back to 2009--remains anyone's guess.

How hospitals benefit from CFO/CMO partnerships

As economic models within healthcare change rapidly, chief financial officers and chief medical officers working in tandem can reap substantial rewards for providers, according to Healthcare Finance News.

Hospital unit closures impact surviving providers

When specialized hospital units shut down en masse in a particular geographic region, it can profoundly impact units that remain operational, according to a new study in Health Affairs.

Place the blame for high hospital prices squarely on deregulation

"That government is best which governs least" is a quote attributed to founding father Thomas Jefferson. Even if Jefferson almost certainly did not say or write those words, it has been...