Hospital execs successfully push lawmakers to leave 340B program alone

Safety-net hospital leaders this week were successful in their efforts to keep the 340B drug program intact. 

Healthcare costs for U.S. households closing in on $25,000

The cost of providing healthcare for a family of four in the United States is now approaching $25,000, according to new data from the actuarial firm Milliman.

Hospitals can face millions in RAC administrative costs

The Medicare Recovery Audit Contractor program has created a major financial and administrative burden for hospitals, according to a new report from the American Hospital Association.

Larger urban hospitals tend to disappoint patients

A large teaching hospital may have an edge in size and resources compared to smaller institutions, but it may be lacking in patient satisfaction.

As more people gain coverage, safety-net hospitals still struggle

Even as the number of insured Americans increases post-Affordable Care Act, the benefits aren't trickling down to disproportionate share hospitals, which will feel the brunt of ACA-mandated cuts in the next few years, according to U.S. News & World Report.

The Affordable Care Act's 'Black Mirror' moment

If you seek television to macerate your brain, I suggest streaming the British series "Black Mirror." It's a far darker "Twilight Zone" without the early 1960s prudery and...

Union, hospitals clash over community benefits definition

California's hospitals are coming under greater pressure to clarify and quantify the community benefits they provide from an unlikely source: Labor unions.

Hospital M&A was strong in first quarter

Industry experts say hospital mergers and acquisitions will continue to be strong this year, with for-profit systems driving many deals.

Hospital prices remain flat, but spending perks up

Hospital prices have remained flat for the past year, with no signs of perking up in the immediate future, although overall spending continues to rise briskly, according to the latest Altarum Institute data. 

Respite centers for mentally ill could reduce expensive hospital visits

Some cities are experimenting with "respite centers" to better accommodate the needs of the mentally ill and avoid potentially lengthy and costly hospital stays, StateLine has reported.

Growth of patients with $50K annual drug tabs skyrockets

Specialty drugs continue to take a huge bite out of the pocketbooks of American insurers, employers and individuals, and the cost growth trend is "unsunstainable," according to a new study commissioned by Express Scripts.

Improved communication between patients, caregivers can cut costs

A poll of healthcare quality professionals by ASQ has concluded that improved communication between providers and patients is key to cutting costs.

Thinner margins mean hospitals must better manage outpatient care

Outpatient care is both the great salvation and curse for providers. It promises to lower the cost of care for patients, but reimbursements are often significantly lower as well. That means hospitals often have to engage in a juggling act to ensure they carefully manage the costs for such patients in order to ensure that margins remain intact. And it will be become more commonplace as payment models shift toward value-based care, according to Hospitals & Health Networks.

Patient safety efforts save Indiana hospitals $22M

An Indiana patient harm reduction campaign saved more than $22 million over three years, according to research from the Indiana Hospital Association's Indiana Patient Safety Center.

Boston Medical Center, Tufts call off merger

Boston Medical Center and Tufts Medical Center have abandoned plans for a merger, according to the Boston Business Journal.

Effect of Medicaid pay bump difficult to judge

The long-term effect of the so-called Medicaid pay bump mandated by the Affordable Care Act in 2013 and 2014 remains to be seen.

AHRQ details costliest medical conditions

The top medical conditions for overall spending have generally remained static for a decade, although the amount being spent on these ailments has risen substantially, according to data from the U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

New tactic for sky-high hospital bills: Let employer groups set their own prices

Here's a new way to deal with sky-high hospital bills: Just say no. That's the response recommended by ELAP, a Pennsylvania-based benefits consulting firm that works with employer groups to figure out what they should actually pay hospitals, Kaiser Health News has reported.

Temper cancer care innovations with cost considerations

There may be new breakthroughs announced in cancer care every few months, but the healthcare sector needs to keep in mind something else: Whether the treatments are cost-effective.

How one hospital system transformed patient collections, improved satisfaction

In an exclusive interview with FierceHealthFinance, Dennis Laraway, executive vice president and chief financial officer of Memorial Hermann, an integrated not-for-profit health system that serves the Greater Houston area, explains how a new "Amazon-like" digital platform has simplified the way patients can pay their medical bills.