For the love of lower healthcare costs, don't scrap the Cadillac tax

The so-called "Cadillac tax" will not be implemented until the start of 2018, yet it is actually in serious peril. As a matter of fact, it has a chance of being one of the few taxes...

New payment model proposed for ACOs

The current payment plans for accountable care organizations do not work and should be replaced with a global payment model adjusted for risk, two healthcare experts say in a Health Affairs blog post.

Hospital, healthcare system pay on the rise

Pay at hospitals and health systems--particularly those larger in size--are going up at a fairly brisk pace, according to the latest compensation survey from SullivanCotter & Associates.

Are hedge funds and private equity firms driving up healthcare costs?

The actions of hedge funds and private equity firms to drive up the profitability of their investments also cause the costs of healthcare delivery to rise dramatically, according to a non-profit, left-of-center organization.

Florida's governor wants hospitals to provide more pricing data

Florida Gov. Rick Scott, who had a contentious relationship with the state's hospitals, wants them to cough up more information that would benefit their patients.

The downside of giving physicians more bargaining power

Giving additional bargaining power to physicians often comes at the expense of hospital management, according to new data

Physician practice revenues rise under Affordable Care Act

Physician practices are enjoying a windfall from the Affordable Care Act, with many of them collecting a little more revenue since the reform law went into effect, according to a new issue brief from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

UNC, Duke systems post big gains in operating profit

Despite the fact that North Carolina has yet to expand Medicaid eligibility under the Affordable Care Act, some of the state's biggest providers are posting record profits.

New Jersey providers mystified over Blues selection for new network

A big New Jersey insurer has created a tiered network from scratch that has excluded many of the state's biggest hospitals, leading executives to engage in behavior ranging from head-scratching to claims of religious discrimination.

Alaska safety-net providers sue over botched Medicaid software

A group of providers in Alaska is suing a subsidiary of the Xerox Corp., claiming the company botched an install of new Medicaid payment software, the Alaska Daily News has reported.

Conflict of interest: Academic leaders on US healthcare industry boards

Some of the most highly compensated healthcare and academic leaders in the country also pad their incomes as members of the boards of publicly-traded healthcare companies, raising conflict of interest concerns, according to a new study.

Shift from fee-for-service to value-based models slower than expected

Although the federal government has launched a plan to speed up the transition to value-based care, a new report shows that the health industry's move away from the traditional fee-for-service model is going slower than expected and faces many challenges.

Oncologists under pressure to solicit patients for donations

Even as oncologists begin to decry the high cost of cancer care, they are under pressure by their hospitals to identify wealthier patients and solicit them for donations, according to the New York Times.

Health spending slows, but Americans still squeezed hard

Despite the fact that healthcare spending and prices are at an historic plateau, out-of-pocket costs continue to rise for individual Americans. This is what politicians called a "kitchen...

New Jersey hospitals' patient safety program cut costs by $120 million

A collaborative effort of New Jersey's hospitals has borne significant clinical and financial fruit, according to data released by that state's hospital association.

House calls: A sound way to reduce hospital readmissions, care costs

Older and chronically ill patients are always in danger of hospitalizations and readmissions, driving up healthcare costs. But an old-fashioned concept--house calls--could tame such patients, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Fitch says hospital capital spending will rise

Fifty-three percent of not-for-profit hospitals say their expected capital expenditures will increase over the next five years, up from 45 percent in 2012, according to a new report by Fitch Ratings.

BCBSA launches massive claims database

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association has launched a massive database that will include cost information from all 36 of its participating health plans.

Hospital labs won't dodge cuts in new CMS proposed rule, but also won't contribute pricing data

Hospital laboratories won't be hit with deep payment cuts under a proposed rule that aims to create more parity in the reimbusements medical laboratories receive from the Medicare program compared to private payers.

Erlanger Health distributes millions in bonuses after record-breaking year

In recognition of what Erlanger Health said was "it's best year ever," the five-hospital Tennessee healthcare system is distributing bonuses to every employee, according to the Daily Chattanoogan.