To buy or lease equipment? Depends on the hospital

To buy or lease? That's often a fork in the road for consumers when it comes to purchasing a home or automobile, but the same applies to hospital management as well.

Louisiana: Hospital privatization effort saves money

The public hospitals previously operated by the Louisiana State University healthcare system spent significantly less than budgeted for indigent care in the just completed fiscal year, but lawmakers wonder whether uninsured patients are merely seeking treatment at other hospitals, the Associated Press reported.

NJ health commissioner wants hospitals to make financial disclosures

New Jersey's state health commissioner put forth a proposal that would require all hospitals in the state to publicly disclose their financial data, the Newark Star-Ledger reported.

Use of prefabrication shaved a year and millions off hospital's construction cost

The use of prefabricated materials on a Denver hospital shaved months and millions off the construction cost, the Denver Post reported.

Golden handshakes: Retiring on top and remaining on the payroll

Retired hospital CEOs often stay with the institution in a well-paid emeritus position, the New York Times reports. But such a practice has come under criticism.

Aetna chairman: To reduce healthcare costs, cut wasteful spending

To reduce healthcare costs, the U.S. healthcare system must reduce spending, which is at a 10-year high, Aetna Chairman Mark T. Bertolini writes in an opinion piece for USA Today.

Hospitals save $1.3B through quality initiative

More than 1,500 hospitals improved care for more than 143,000 patients since January 2012 through a joint initiative between two major healthcare advocacy organizations, in addition to saving more than $1.3 billion.

ER physicians wind up making many observation care decisions

Emergency room physicians serve as the front-line arbiters of many federal mandates regarding how  to delivercare in the hospital setting, perhaps most importantly the two-midnight rule regarding observation care.

CBO ratchets down long-term healthcare spending forecast

Cost controls implemented under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will lead to slower overall federal healthcare spending over the next 25 years.

Center for Health Transparency launches in Maine

Price and cost transparency in healthcare has been a piecemeal movement at best, with individual providers often deciding on their own whether to provide prices and other relevant data to consumers. But the new Portland, Maine-based Center for Healthcare Transparency aims to change that, with an ambitious goal to provide relevant pricing information to about half of the U.S. population by the end of the decade.

Operating, net income up for California hospitals

California's hospitals, like most others in the U.S., were hit hard by the Great Recession, but data from the state agency that monitors acute care facilities suggest most have recovered nicely.

Kentucky NPs can prescribe meds

As of this week, nurse practitioners in Kentucky will have the authority to prescribe routine medications if they complete a four-year collaboration with a doctor.

Failure to expand Medicaid is a genuine job killer

Job killer. Job killer. Job killer! That's been one of the chants of the Great Recession era--a metaphorical sticker to slap on any initiative the least bit politically sensitive and scare the...

Upstate NY hospital posts charges, payments online

A small hospital in the Syracuse area has become the first provider in Central New York to post prices for its procedures, reported.

Cook County Health in Chicago faces huge deficit

John Jay Shannon, M.D., was named as the chief executive officer of the Cook County Health and Hospitals System less than three weeks ago, and he is already charged with finding $67 million in savings in the next four months, Crain's Chicago Business has reported.

AHA wants speedy end to RAC backlog lawsuit

The American Hospital Association (AHA) and other hospitals and health systems suing the federal government over adjudicating disputed Medicare claims in a timely manner have become more assertive in their lawsuit.

Rural hospitals continue to struggle, closures mount

Pungo Hospital in Belhaven, North Carolina, closed earlier this month, the latest casualty of the financial crisis enveloping many of the nation's hospitals, Al Jazeera America  reported.

Healthcare spending up, but so are jobs

Healthcare prices are on the rise again, but so are the number of people employed in the sector.

Wyoming hospital embarks on bold initiative to cut costs

Despite being the least populous state by a wide margin, one of Wyoming's largest hospitals faces the same financial realities as acute care providers, prompting it to undertake bold initiatives in order to cut costs.

Group purchasing organizations cut hospital costs up to 18 percent

Group purchasing organizations save hospitals as much as 18 percent on their costs, according to a new survey by the Healthcare Supply Chain Association.