Connecticut hospital system left scrambling after Tenet deal collapses

After Tenet Healthcare Corp. was unable to come to terms with Connecticut regulators on converting five not-for-profit facilities to for-profits, it decided to scrap the deal, which had been in the work for several years. That has left the management of those five hospitals scrambling to find alternatives, according to the Hartford Courant.

Hospital pricing barely budged in 2014

Healthcare prices appear poised to resume their troubling rise, but hospital prices aren't part of that trend, according to new data from the Altarum Institute.

Big pharma coming under greater pressure to cut prices

Looks like the years of skyrocketing drug prices in the United States may finally cause a backlash, according to the Financial Times.

Hospital productivity has been on the rise

Although hospitals have been under the microscope for the cost of the care they provide, their productivity has continued to improve.

Training hospital staff in body mechanics won't prevent back injuries

Even training nurses how to properly lift patients won't necessarily spare them from back injuries, according to a report by NPR.

Wisconsin hospital collaborative saves $87M

A collaborative effort by Wisconsin's hospitals to improve quality led to a big payday: An estimated $87 million in savings as reported by the Wisconsin Hospital Association. 

Study: Adverse decision in King v. Burwell could cost hospitals billions

Should the U.S. Supreme Court invalidate tax subsidies to purchase insurance in more than three dozen states later this year, it would likely have a devastating impact on healthcare spending moving forward, particularly at the hospital level, according to a new study.

Pre-term births cost one city's hospitals $93M a year

How much does preterm births cost hospitals? The tab for a single county that includes a mid-size Midwestern city is nearly $100 million a year.

Hospital productivity better than previously thought

Despite previous research that claims otherwise, productivity at U.S. hospitals grew significantly between 2002 and 2011, according to a study published online in Health Affairs.

Moody's: Healthcare saw more upgrades than downgrades in Q4 2014

The healthcare sector saw more upgrades than downgrades in the fourth quarter of 2014, according to a new report from Moody's Investors Service.

Hospitals move to reduce rising water costs

The rising costs of water and sewage services create new headaches for hospital administrators, Hospitals & Health Networks reports.

GOP's replacement for ACA should deeply worry hospitals

Oral arguments before the U.S. Supreme Court in the King v. Burwell case are less than a month away. That means members of the media have amped up the hand-wringing over how the ruling will go,...

Hospital transactions continued at brisk clip in 2014

The need for the hospital sector to prepare for value-based payments and population health management--among other factors--continued to drive an above-average number of mergers last year, according to the consulting firm Kaufman Hall LLC.

Does the FTC understand the hospital sector?

The Federal Trade Commission just doesn't get healthcare mergers. That's the opinion of Michael D. Shaw, a healthcare equipment executive, writing for He believes that the FTC is not taking into account factors that rarely occur in other regulated businesses: The government often sets terms for the prices paid for the services rendered, and patients rarely pay for such services directly.

Hospitals added another 9,600 jobs last month

Hospitals added a seasonally adjusted 9,600 jobs in January compared to December 2014, reaching a total of 4.82 million, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That's an overall increase of 56,200 total jobs compared to January 2014

Providers protest against site-neutral payment proposal

The American Hospital Association and other providers are pushing back against a proposed Obama administration policy change that would introduce much greater site neutrality regarding how they are paid.

Indiana hospital bills patients for old debts

Subscontractor snafus have caused some embarrassment for the management of an Indiana hospital and also enraged some of its patients, the Richmond Palladium-Item reports.

More expensive emergency care means better outcomes

Spending more on emergency care results in better patient outcomes, according to a study from MIT soon to be published in the Journal of Political Economy.

Mergers may not be best solution for rural hospitals' woes

A merger or acquisition may not be the best way for rural hospitals to persevere in the long-term, according to a recent Hospitals & Health Networks blog post.

Hospitals use 'secret shoppers' to gauge price transparency

Price transparency continues to concern consumers and healthcare leaders, particularly amid the rise of consumerism in the industry, and a recent experiment conducted by hospital CEOs and CFOs in Ohio makes it clear that much work still remains to be done about the issue.