Ruling against subsidies could hurt hospitals

A U.S. District Court judge's decision that may strike down the Obama administration's ability to set money aside for insurance subsidies on the exchange could wind up hurting hospitals the most.

Survey: Most organizations say small fraction of patients are highly engaged

According to an NEJM Catalyst survey of 340 hospital and healthcare executives, clinicians and clinical leaders, less than a quarter of their patients were highly engaged in decisions regarding the care they receive.

Hospitals want Part B proposals narrowed in scope

The American Hospital Association has praised the proposed Part B drug cost savings demonstration project, but believes a federal agency should narrow its scope.

An impossible task: Finding out the true cost of maternity services

Figuring out how much a hospital charges for a newborn delivery is apparently an impossible task, according to Vox.

Hospital closures: 3 factors behind the decision

Why do hospitals close? Why do others that are financially struggling able to stay open? It boils down to three factors, Becker's Hospital Review reports.

The makings of successful patient loan programs

A variety of hospitals around the United States now offer a mix of interest-free to low- interest loans to patients overwhelmed by rising out-of-pocket costs and medical bills.

Hospitals still waiting for promised drug discounts

Many hospitals are still waiting for Valeant Pharmaceuticals to follow-through on its plans to discount some of the heart drugs for which it has dramatically jacked up prices, many hospitals.

Judge upholds Pennsylvania merger in rare blow to FTC

In a rare loss for the Federal Trade Commission, a federal judge ruled a merger between two Pennsylvania healthcare providers can proceed.

Patients may need more of a nudge to capitalize on price transparency

Price transparency may be one of the few initiatives that will allow the U.S. healthcare system to save itself from itself. But there is a growing body of evidence suggesting that its existence may...

Hospitals in Maine and Wyoming face financial struggles, cut jobs and services

Hospitals in two mostly rural states that have yet to expand Medicaid coverage may now have to eliminate jobs and services to cut costs.

Payer mix: Hospitals face challenges when they seek savings

Hospitals optimally want to have some control over their payer mix, but the matter is often out of their hands. The location of the hospital plays a big part in its payer mix, as well as other circumstances that drive patients into its beds, according to Healthcare Finance News,

Profitability study authors respond to criticism

The controversy over the findings of a result study on the most profitable hospitals in the nation continues. Days after Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center, a non-profit hospital in Wisconsin, disputed the Health Affairs study findings that it was the most profitable hospital in the nation, study authors responded to the criticism.

Healthcare and hospitals continue to post big job numbers

The healthcare sector continues to be one of the strongest job generators in the American economy, according to new data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Generics and biosimilars may no longer bring price relief

The expirations of patents on drugs and the introduction of generics is no longer a guarantee of significantly lower prices. Many manufacturers have raised their prices so much on drugs that have inched toward their patent expiration that there is less incentive for generic or biosimilar manufacturers to offer a drastically reduced price, according to The Wall Street Journal. 

New study questions validity of the 'weekend effect'

Researchers in the United Kingdom debunk the notion that patients admitted to the hospital during the weekend increases their chance of dying. A new study on the "weekend effect" by the University of Manchester concludes that a variety of factors have skewed prior conclusions on the topic. 

Gundersen disputes hospital's ranking as nation's most profitable

A Wisconsin based non-profit healthcare system disputes a recent study that found one of its hospitals is the most profitable in the United States in a statement released this week.

Low-income households spend more to combat food allergies

Food allergies among children present a significant economic burden when they present in low-income households, councludes a study in the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

ProMedica outlines unwinding of St. Luke's acquisition

ProMedica has proposed unwinding its acquisition of St. Luke's Medical Center in Toledo, Ohio and returning it to the status of an independent entity.

Financial viability of ACO model questioned

Are accountable care organizations really saving the healthcare system money? That's a question posed by cardiologist Anish Koka, M.D., in the Philadelphia Inquirier.

Catholic hospital ownership ramps up

The number of Catholic-oriented hospitals in the U.S. has grown steadily in recent years, up 22 percent since 2001