Providers protest against site-neutral payment proposal

The American Hospital Association and other providers are pushing back against a proposed Obama administration policy change that would introduce much greater site neutrality regarding how they are paid.

Indiana hospital bills patients for old debts

Subscontractor snafus have caused some embarrassment for the management of an Indiana hospital and also enraged some of its patients, the Richmond Palladium-Item reports.

More expensive emergency care means better outcomes

Spending more on emergency care results in better patient outcomes, according to a study from MIT soon to be published in the Journal of Political Economy.

Mergers may not be best solution for rural hospitals' woes

A merger or acquisition may not be the best way for rural hospitals to persevere in the long-term, according to a recent Hospitals & Health Networks blog post.

Hospitals use 'secret shoppers' to gauge price transparency

Price transparency continues to concern consumers and healthcare leaders, particularly amid the rise of consumerism in the industry, and a recent experiment conducted by hospital CEOs and CFOs in Ohio makes it clear that much work still remains to be done about the issue.

Dallas' most expensive provider is a microcosm for hospital finance

Medical City Dallas is the most expensive hospital in Texas' second-largest city, and its bills are so high that even physicians practicing in the area have been taken aback, according to the Dallas Morning News.

Connecticut moves to cap hospital facility fees

Lawmakers in Connecticut are moving forward with a bill that would cap and indemnify facility fees that hospitals can charge patients.

Despite ACA, medical debt remains a big problem

The Affordable Care Act, with its individual mandate and subsidized health insurance policies, was intended to address the ongoing issue of medical debt. But it has barely made a dent in the phenomenon.

Patient 'passports' intended to improve communication during hospital stays

In an attempt to eliminate common--and often costly--miscommunications between patients and providers, some hospitals issue patients with "passports" for the duration of their stays, the Wall Street Journal reports

Reopened Tenet, Connecticut negotiations fail

Tenet Healthcare Corp. and the state of Connecticut have formally abandoned efforts to sell five struggling nonprofit Constitution State hospitals to the Texas-based chain, the Hartford Courant reports.

Struggling hospitals turn to consolidation, outsourcing for revenue cycle management

Embattled hospitals still have options to update their revenue cycle management systems, according to Becker's Hospital Review.

Prime's history raises eyebrows on hospital acquisition

The cardiologist at the center of the proposed acquisition of six Catholic hospitals in California has attracted both praise and controversy for his cost-cutting-focused approach to struggling acquisitions, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Merger will create nation's largest member-owned healthcare supply chain company

Irving, Texas-based nonprofit hospital network VHA Inc. will merge with UHC, a Chicago-based alliance of academic medical centers, to form the nation's largest member-owned healthcare supply chain firm.

Hospitals don't want cuts outlined in Obama budget proposal

For-profit hospitals have a clear message on the Obama administration's recently proposed budget for 2016: Don't make any cuts that would impact our business.


Hospitals could address food insecurity issues

Should hospitals expand their role in the communities and work to feed locals who are going hungry? That's the proposal of Bina Venkataraman, director of global policy initiatives at the Broad Institute, in an opinion piece in the Boston Globe.

Meet the right-hand man for healthcare's ridiculous cost curve

"Look at this," my father-in-law implored. For the first time in more than a decade, he clenched and unclenched his right hand. "And this," he added. He raised and lowered his...

CMS to release doc payment data annually

The federal government will publicly release Medicare physician payment data every year, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Patient-centered medical homes seem consistent money savers

The use of patient-centered medical homes consistently play a role in reducing the costs of healthcare delivery, according to a new study from the Patient-Center Primary Care Collaborative. 

Lawsuit raises questions on Norton Healthcare compensation

How much money should the CEO and other top executives at a modest healthcare system in a city of 250,000 receive? A Kentucky court may decide. 

Judge strikes down Partners deal in Massachusetts

Partners Healthcare's attempt to acquire three hospitals in the Boston area has apparently come to an end. A state judge has ruled against allowing the transaction to go through, believing that doing so would concentrate monopoly power within Partners