Why healthcare must adopt 'frugal innovation'

The need for innovation is a constant refrain in the modern healthcare landscape, but for the most part, that means added expenditures. To avoid this paradox, hospitals should opt for the principle of "frugal innovation," according to Becker's Hospital Review.

Hospitals ask IRS to partially withdraw rules on patient financial assistance

The American Hospital Association and the American Association of Medical Colleges have asked the Internal Revenue Service to rethink a portion of its proposed regulations regarding financial assistance policies for patients, AHA News Now reported.

Cancer drug costs top $100B worldwide

Global spending on cancer drugs topped $100 billion last year, with the United States leading the pack, according to a new report by IMS Health.

For-profit hospitals see strong first quarter

While for-profit hospitals and health systems saw a strong first quarter this year, they may recede as the year progresses, according to Healthcare Finance News.

The last wall of resistance against Medicaid expansion crumbles

The Obama administration is finally getting tough with states that refuse to expand Medicaid eligibility under the Affordable Care Act. It is a welcome sight to behold.

How a lack of healthcare price transparency compares to purchasing a bad car

Healthcare delivery in its current state may have something in common with purchasing a bad car, according to Jeffrey W. Jones, a managing director with Huron Healthcare, a Chicago-based consulting group.

Do hospital M&A cause healthcare prices to rise?

Has the feverish level of mergers and acquisitions within the hospital sector created unbearable pressures to raise the overall price of healthcare?

Bundled payment project saved $1M in first year

The jury still remains out on many bundled payment programs, but one such effort by Baptist Health in San Antonio and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services saved more than $1 million during its first year of operation, according to a CMS report on the project.


Rising number of drug-addicted newborns takes toll on hospitals

The opioid drug epidemic has created a lot more drug-dependent newborns and hospitals often have to foot the bill for their treatment, the Boston Herald has reported.

Bill in Congress would severely clip RACs' wings

The American Hospital Association has undertaken its first major legislative campaign to put Recovery Audit Contractors in what it believes is their correct place.

The Network for Regional Healthcare launches new nationwide price transparency effort

The Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement has launched a new initiative intended to vastly expand price transparency in the industry by 2020. 

Is it possible to receive a perfect hospital bill?

What does the perfect hospital bill look like? Becker's Hospital Review asked the question and the answer is unambiguous: A perfect bill is clear, contains relevant information and consolidates all charges from different providers.

How one city saved $42M on healthcare

In the face of runaway healthcare spending, Houston, Texas, implemented corrective measures that have saved the city more than $40 million in three years, providing an example hospitals may want to follow.

Hospitals reap rewards of Medicaid expansion

Post-Affordable Care Act, discharges and revenue are up and care costs for low-income patients are down, at least in states that expanded their Medicaid programs, according to a new issue brief from the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Hospital website of the future will feature prices, instant provider communication

What should the hospital website of the future look like? One that provides price transparency and caters to the financial and immediate clinical needs of patients, according to Leah Binder, president and chief executive officer of the Leapfrog Group. 

OIG makes recommendations for effective hospital compliance programs

If your hospital wants to create an effective compliance program, it should follow four steps recently outlined by the U.S. Department of Health Services' Office of the Inspector General.

South Carolina may give Certificate of Need repeal another try

South Carolina may gradually do away with a complex set of rules regulating its hospital industry over the next five years, according to the Post and Courier.

Use of tiered networks prompts hospitals to cut prices

Hospitals now operate in a world of increasingly narrow provider networks and tiered preferences. How do those elements impact their bottom line? They take a fairly significant bite, according to a recent study conducted by Harvard University on behalf of the Commonwealth Fund.

Drug company business practices drive up hospital costs

A relatively new practice in the pharmaceutical sector--buying rights to older drugs and dramatically increasing their prices--puts financial pressure on hospitals and other providers, the Wall Street Journal has reported.

Venture capital could help with hospital financials

Venture capitalists want to funnel money into the healthcare sector lately. Startups in the healthcare sector received a record $3.9 billion during the first quarter of 2015, the Wall Street Journal...