Not-for-profit hospitals may spend as much on charity care as for-profits

A new study calls into question whether some non-profit hospitals actually provide additional community benefits as required by law in return for billions of dollars in tax breaks each year.

Three-day rule on SNF payments may cost Medicare money

A Medicare rule that requires patients to stay in the hospital for three days before the program will pay for a skilled nursing facility may actually cost the program money

Hospitals must reduce duplication of leadership efforts

Too many hospital and healthcare system leaders overlook management duplication, says Navigant Healthcare Managing Director Bruce Hallowell.

How I learned to stop worrying about the healthcare finance bomb

The columnists at Forbes magazine seem to be the leading practitioners of this warning: Healthcare spending as a portion of the U.S. economy is inching dangerously close to 20 percent. The authors...

Hospitals receive 0.9% inpatient pay increase for 2016

Hospitals will receive a modest inpatient prospective payment system bump of 0.9 percent for 2016 under a final rule issued by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). However, the agency will not continue the partial delay in enforcing the two-midnight rule, which is now set to expire on Sept. 30.


Skilled nursing facilities will receive 1.4% payment bump in 2016

The nation's skilled nursing facilities will receive a windfall as a result of Medicare's final 2016 payment rule: A $430 million increase in payments next year, which represents a 1.2 percent overall increase.

Cost of angioplasties vary widely across country

Providers pay for specific medical procedures varies widely across the United States--a new study about angioplasties reconfirms the differentials.

Virginia mulls provider assessments to draw in more Medicaid funds

Virginia, one of the most populous states that has not expanded Medicaid eligibility under the Affordable Care Act, is investigating other ways to obtain and use federal funding.

Oncologist says cost of cancer care should not take priority over saving lives

In the fight against cancer, lives matter more than cancer treatment costs, says Andrew Pecora, M.D., oncologist and chief innovation officer at the John Theurer Cancer Center in New Jersey. "You have to focus on the total cost of care--not just the drugs." 

New nurses more prone to injuries

The long hours and relatively unfamiliar work environments for new nurses places them at greater risk of injury, according to a new study by the RN Work Project. 

Healthcare spending likely to rise sharply in coming years

Health spending will grow an average of 5.8 percent per year between 2014 and 2024, according to a new federal report. 

CFOs need hospital finance teams

If your hospital doesn't already have a team in place, CFOs may want to put one together to handle all the dramatic changes in the current reimbursement environment, Healthcare Finance News reports.

Observation status bill sails through Senate

The U.S. Senate this week unanimously approved a bill that would require hospitals across the country to tell Medicare patients when they receive observation care but aren't actually admitted to the facility--a difference that most patients miss until they receive their medical bills

Will hospitals consider converting to a short-stay model?

A Texas hospital is adopting a short-stay model--treating patients for admissions that last 24 hours or less--and it may be a model other providers emulate, according to the Port Arthur News.

CMS' joint replacement initiative won't keep surgery volumes in check

I am hopeful the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services' (CMS) proposal to bundle payments for hip and knee joint replacement surgeries will become operational by early next year. But I...

Healthcare lobbies push to include housing as a hospital community benefit

Several prominent hospital groups have been urging the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to consider hospital-sponsored housing as a community benefit, AHA News Now has reported.

Oncology doctors push back against cost of cancer drugs

Oncologists are so irked over the rapidly escalating cost of drugs used to treat their patients that they are making fairly radical policy proposals and have begun monitoring prices for treatments.

Barnabas Health CEO supports paying some property taxes

The CEO of New Jersey's largest hospital system has come out in support of not-for-profit hospitals in the state paying some property taxes, has reported.

Hospital bond issuance up 215%

Hospitals and other parts of the healthcare sector are putting their toes back into the borrowing waters once again, and like what they are feeling. The healthcare sector sold $18.9 billion in bonds during the first half of 2015, up 76 percent from $10.8 billion sold during the first half of 2014, according to HFA Partners.

Big insurer deals could drive similar action among hospitals

Two huge insurer mergers announced in recent weeks have reshaped the payer market. And there is a possibility such deals could wind up impacting the hospital sector as well, Bloomberg Business has reported.