Hospital-owned physician groups far more likely to refer patients to that facility

When a hospital buys a physician practice, those doctors are more likely to refer patients to that facility, raising concerns about costs and quality, according to a paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research.

S&P bumps up long-term ratings for not-for-profit hospitals

Standard & Poor's outlook on not-for-profit hospitals has brightened. The ratings agency has upgraded its long-term outlook for the sector from "negative" to "stable."

Increased coverage significantly shifts hospitals' financial risk

Financial risk for hospitals has shifted significantly as patients assume increased financial responsibility through their insurance plans, according to a new report from Crowe Horwath LLP.

Low-cost key to patient satisfaction: Make the nurses happy

Make the nurses happy. That's a more reliable key to ensure patient satisfaction than offering luxury amenities to make a hospital seem more like a luxury resort. 

Partners expands its ACO's work with $30 million population health initiative

Massachusetts' largest healthcare system has announced a $30 million population health management initiative aimed to help other organizations throughout the country improve patient care, according to Health Data Management.

Utah health system saves by tracking costs--and major providers take notice

A Utah health system is trying to identify savings opportunities through a simple solution: keeping track of the costs of all its goods and services.

Insurance mergers transition into battle of the lobbyists

When it comes to the pending mega-mergers among health insurers, hospitals and other providers have begun to peel the gloves off, according to Forbes magazine.

Should Medicaid expansion include undocumented immigrants? Californians say yes.

One of the biggest fissures in the ongoing Red State/Blue State Medicaid debate is not in the South but in California. That makes sense, since it's also home to thousands of earthquake faults...

Price disparities: Hospital charges, insurance payments vary for same procedures

Many hospitals have different prices for patients under their care for the same procedures, according to MedPage Today, which surveyed a variety of hospitals regarding what they charge both insured and uninsured patients.

VA has fundamentally mismanaged hospital construction

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs allowed several hospital building projects to spiral out of control, according to a series of report from the Army Corps of Engineers.

Heritage's approach to patient-centered care

Southern California's Heritage Medical System has wholly embraced patient-centered care. That does not mean what is right for the provider, but what is right for the patient.

More providers interested in Chinese market

Healthcare players in the United States may be eyeing another market to conquer: China. The world's second-largest economy, although in some troubled financial waters at the moment, is expected to continue to grow rapidly. As a result, it is creating opportunities for providers here to bring their much sought-after clinical expertise to other parts of the world.

Major hospitals in Boston, Atlanta, in merger talks

As market forces continue to prompt hospitals and hospital systems to seek business partners, major providers in Boston and Atlanta are each planning separate mergers.

3 barriers to post-SGR payment reform

Payment reform in healthcare hit a major turning point in April when Congress permanently repealed the Sustainable Growth Rate formula, but major challenges remain for meaningful reform, according to a Health Affairs blog post.  

Financial turnaround: Most hospitals acquired by Steward Health now in the black

The Boston-based Steward Health Care System has been criticized for some of its aggressive acquisition practices, but nevertheless has demonstrated success with financial turnarounds.

Healthcare is home to America's highest-paying jobs

If Americans are looking for high-paying careers, healthcare appears to be the way to go. Six of the highest-paying careers in the United States are in healthcare, according to 

CFOs play critical role in getting hospitals back to business after disasters

Although it's rare, occasionally a hospital is destroyed or shut down by a natural disaster. The skills hospital chief financial officers bring to such a scenario can make a difference as to when a facility reopens, and how much it will cost, according to Healthcare Finance News.

Healthcare costs in Massachusetts spiral upward

Healthcare costs in Massachusetts are beginning to spiral upward, according to a new report from the Center for Health Information and Analysis.

Can hefty sign-on, retention bonuses solve the nurse shortage?

​A looming nurse shortage has led hospitals across the country to offer nurses sign-on bonuses as high as $20,000 as incentives to join and stay at their organizations.

How strategic affiliations help rural hospitals stay afloat

Amid an ongoing rural healthcare financial crisis, many providers seek strategic affiliations that allow them to maintain independence, according to Hospitals & Health Networks.