Physician-owned hospital chain struggles with closures

A for-profit, physician-owned hospital chain focused on the luxury market has apparently hit a rough patch. Forest Park Medical Center in Dallas closed suddenly late last week, according to the Dallas Morning News. It's the second hospital in the Forest Park chain to close in less than a month.

John Oliver should unleash the Medicaid expansion zombies

John Oliver, the hilariously exasperated host of HBO's "Last Week Tonight," specializes in long-take satirical reporting, prodded by his status as a British transplant often boggled by...

Maine launches price transparency website

Maine is the latest state to introduce a healthcare price transparency website, although like most efforts elsewhere, it is fairly limited in scope.

Hospital systems continue to up investments in population health

As hospitals continue the shift to population health management, they face increasing costs in terms of the infrastructure required to make the transition.

RAC recoupments drop dramatically, thanks in part to industry pushback

Payment recoupments as a result of the work of recovery RACs dropped dramatically last year, thanks in part to pushback from the hospital sector--and they're about to drop even more.

Dementia care costs vastly more than for cancer, heart disease

Heart attacks and cancer are among the common maladies among older Americans. However, their costs do not even compare to treating a far more expensive malady--dementia.

Industry voices final concerns before 340B guidance is revised

The primary lobbying group for the 340B discount drug program has expressed deep concerns regarding some of the new proposed regulations in the "mega-guidance."

Hospitals still hedge on offering charity care

Not-for-profit hospitals are under some pressure to make their financial interactions with patients operate more smoothly, but many have yet to offer discounts to uninsured patients.

Hospital cost-saving opportunity: Improve workflow processes

A new white paper by Huron Healthcare has concluded that hospitals can save time--and by extension, money--by improving their workflow processes

Budget agreement would cut some hospital-based outpatient payments

A rare bipartisan budget agreement reached in Congress makes it likely that there will be no government shutdown over spending issues. But hospitals say they are shut out.

High-deductible plans drive increased point-of-service collections

The proliferation of high-deductible health plans has dramatically altered healthcare providers' collection process, according to a new survey from The Advisory Board Company.

1,800 hospitals increase payments under value-based purchasing

More than 1,800 hospitals will receive a boost in federal reimbursements next year under the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services' value-based purchasing plan.

Medicare must make changes to the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program

It's fair to say that when hospital executives grumble about something that cuts into their organizations' bottom lines, I tend to take each of their claims with skepticism. But in the case...

Mt. Sinai CEO: Medicare readmission policies are unfair

The chief executive officer of the Mount Sinai Health System in New York City argues that Medicare's current structure for managing patient readmissions penalizes hospitals that treat the poorest patients.

CHS earnings warning hits rest of publicly-traded hospital sector

The publicly-traded Community Health Systems said last week it would struggle to make its quarterly numbers. Much of the investor-owned hospital ecosystem suffered as a result.

Maryland's global hospital budgeting saves millions, reduces readmissions

Maryland has always been an outlier in how it pays hospitals. But state officials recently tried a new approach toward cost-containment, and it appears to be working, according to NPR.

ACOs are a success for Medicare, but not for many providers

The Dartmouth-Hitchcock accountable care organization was a substantial money-saver for the Medicare program, but it turned out to bleed red ink for one of New England's most prominent hospital systems.

Healthcare in Massachusetts: $1,550 for a 20-minute eye exam

​A routine eye exam of a teen patient at Boston Children's Hospital led to a $1,550 bill--a state of affairs that suggests Massachusetts is still having problems curbing runaway healthcare costs. 

Hospitals should team with outside institutions to provide community benefits

Hospitals will have to partner more with outside institutions in order to achieve optimal dispersal of community benefits, but they also have to communicate more clearly with those organizations as well, according to a post at Health Affairs

U.S. healthcare system may be on track for a crash

Is the U.S. healthcare system on a course destined to suffer a "fatal accident"? Yes, according to commentator Charles Hugh Smith, who says the current healthcare system cannot continue to operate in this manner for the long run.