Population health management needs non-profit hospital trustees' cooperation

As healthcare transitions from its traditional fee-for-service model to a value-based system, non-profit hospital trustees must overcome their aversion to the short-term high cost and risk of focusing on population health management, argues a commentary published in JAMA.

Proposed CMS rule would cut payments to specialists, hospitals

A new proposed Medicare rule would cut payments to both hospitals and certain specialists while hiking reimbursements for primary care providers, according to an analysis by Avalere.

Emerging quality and savings trends outline challenges and promise of ACO model

The early success of Medicare's move toward value-based payment models has generated enough data from accountable care organizations to assist organizations that may want to make the leap and enter Medicare's Shared Savings Program, according to a white paper from Leavitt Partners.

ER cost saver: Chicago hospitals launch housing for homeless program

Hospitals in Chicago will try to reduce their costs by providing apartments to homeless people who frequently use their emergency departments.


Sutter Health demands arbitration from employers--or higher charges

Sutter Health, the large hospital chain in Northern California, is pushing for employer groups that contract for its services to agree to arbitration if there are legal disputes, or pay far more for services at its out-of-network facilities, according to NPR. 

Prices for four of top 10 drugs double over past five years

Prices for four of the most widely-used specialty drugs in the United States more than doubled over the past five years, Reuters reported.

VIP patients create quandary for hospitals

VIP patients place enormous pressure on hospital staff to treat them differently--including handing out lavish gifts and cash--often making resistance extremely difficult, The Boston Globe has reported

Healthcare mortgages for patients are absurd

The term "Sweet Science" refers to boxing. The term "Dismal Science" pertains to economics. I've always found it amusing that the former--the realm of brain swelling and...

Most consumers don't equate healthcare prices with quality

A new study has confirmed that consumers are aware that healthcare prices bear little relation to the delivery of quality care.

New hospital CEO's challenges are microcosm for entire sector

The new chief executive officer of CHI Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee, has an eclectic background: Larry Schumacher started out in healthcare as an orderly, then became a nurse and eventually a chief nursing officer.

Readmission penalties increase safety-net hospital burden

Medicare's focus on readmissions as a primary metric for determining the quality of care hospitals presents a serious dilemma for safety-net hospitals, according to a blog post from Health Affairs.

Healthcare sector continues to post big job gains

As a juggernaut for jobs creation, the U.S. healthcare system continues to roll along, posting big job gains in March.

CMS launches joint replacement payment initiative

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has launched its initiative to cut the costs of joint replacement surgeries.

WHO suggests minimum prices to keep cheap generic drugs on market

Ongoing drug shortages have forced hospitals to rely on inexpensive generics, but cheaper medication can create problems all of their own. 

Predictive analytics are the future of healthcare

If you want to discern the future of healthcare, you need to look no further than the past of aviation, according to Mohan Giridharadas, an expert in LEAN methodologies.

Healthcare sector a big contributor to brisk jobs forecast

A new forecast says that the healthcare sector is one of the biggest drivers of new jobs in the U.S. economy--and 44 percent of companies in the healthcare sector with 50 employees or more are expected to add permanent jobs during the second quarter of 2016. 

Despite privatization, many safety net hospitals in Louisiana may close

Facing stark budget deficits, Louisiana is preparing for deep cuts in its healthcare budget, and the state's safety net hospitals could suffer as a result.

Medical bill payment solution: Patient mortgages

The prices of specialized healthcare services continue to skyrocket and some policy experts have suggested a new payment alternative for patients: Mortgages.

Ties between patient satisfaction and outcomes closer than thought

A new study of some 3,000 hospitals' risk-adjusted records from the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services' Hospital Compare has concluded that there is a closer correlation between levels of patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes such as readmissions than originally thought.

Ransomware attacks: Hospitals need to weigh bottom line--or just take some basic steps

The growing concern with ransomware attacks at hospitals is provisionally a healthcare IT problem, but as the number of such attacks grows, it will quickly become a financial one as well. Just a...