eBook: Best Practices for Surviving Audits and Denials

Hospitals executives live in an intense audit environment and are seeing more medical records requests and increased RAC denials. In fact, overpayment demands through Medicare RAC audits have reached $1.27 billion since October 2009--and that number is quickly growing.

Meanwhile, the cost of responding to such denials--in dollars and staff time--can quickly overwhelm staff and eat up resources.

In the face of these challenges, providers must re-examine their billing and coding practices and strategies. This eBook arms hospital financial decision-makers with critical intelligence to help position their hospitals to quickly respond to denied claims and challenge audit findings.

Table of Contents:

  • Data Analytics Arm Providers for Audits
  • 6 Top Audit Hotspots
  • Prepare for External Audits with Coordination and Consistency
  • Self- Audit Before You're Being Audited
  • The ins and outs of a successful Appeal


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