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Latest Headlines

Sen. Grassley furious that hospitals sue low-income patients

Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, has expressed astonishment that not-for-profit hospitals garnish the wages of low-income patients who should have qualified for charity care at the institutions where they received treatment, according to NPR  and  ProPublica.  

An interview with K.B. Forbes, advocate for the uninsured

A recent study in Health Affairs had some eyebrow-raising data. A nearly decade-old law on the books in California regulating how much hospitals can charge uninsured patients has helped to...

Hospital uses for-profit subsidiary to sue patients, garnish their wages

Mosaic Life Care, not-for-profit hospital in St. Joseph, Missouri, used a for-profit subsidiary to systematically sue and obtain judgments from about 6,000 patients over the past five years, ProPublica has reported.

Hospitals ride drug-discount program to big profits

Hospitals actually profit from a drug-discount program developed for low-income and uninsured patients because the program expanded to serve a richer, better-insured patient base, according to a study published in  Health Affairs.  

Jackson Health comes under fire for charity care policies

Florida's biggest safety-net hospital puts low-income patients through a bureaucratic ringer in order for them to apply and obtain charity care, Kaiser Health News and the Miami Herald  reported.

Some hospitals pull back on charity care

In light of the millions of low-income Americans who now qualify for free or heavily subsidized health insurance coverage as a result of the Affordable Care Act, some hospital operators reconsider their charity care policies for those who refuse to obtain coverage.

Medicaid expansion tied to better hospital cost control

Hospitals costs in Ohio are more in check as a result of expanding Medicaid eligibility under the Affordable Care Act. And the greater financial stability may push other states to join in the act soon, the Associated Press reported.

Federal court ruling bars some drugs from 340B hospital program

A federal court invalidated an extension of the 340B program that covers so-called "orphan" drugs--a decision that could hurt some hospitals.

More hospitals tighten up charity care policies

Hospital systems are scaling back on charity care for uninsured patients, hoping to convince them to obtain insurance via Medicaid or the health insurance exchanges, the  New York Times  reported.

Controversial California law would set charity care requirements

California legislators continue to debate a bill that would require nonprofit hospitals to provide annual charity care equal to 5 percent of hospital revenue in order to maintain their tax-exempt status, the  Sacramento Business Journal  reported.