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Latest Headlines

'Safe Patient Project' reveals medical horror stories

A new Consumer Reports investigation reveals numerous instances of doctors behaving badly but still practicing medicine illustrates the need for greater transparency in healthcare.

New regional practice comparisons debut

While it's easy for consumers to go online and compare products or service providers in many cases, it has traditionally been more difficult to get good information on healthcare providers for a variety of reasons. In a bid to expand the information currently available to compare medical practices, an article in  Consumer Reports  announced a partnership with eight regions to publish ratings related to the provision of care for common ailments.

Teaching hospitals hit the wall on C. diff prevention

Antibiotic-resistant infections such as Clostridium difficile  have been called the "health crisis of this generation," but teaching hospitals have made little progress preventing C. diff's spread, according to an investigation from Consumer Reports.

Majority of hospitals rate poorly in controlling C.diff, MRSA

Only 6 percent of 3,000 hospitals examined by  Consumer Reports  scored well for controlling two of the most serious and prevalent infection-causing bacteria--C. diff and MRSA.

Antibiotic-resistant superbugs: 'Health crisis of this generation'

A new  Consumer Reports  series examines the rise of antibiotic-resistant superbugs, calling the dangerous infections the "health crisis of this generation."

At antibiotic stewardship forum, White House lauds hospitals' superbug plans

The White House convened more than 150 stakeholders--including major healthcare providers, retailers, pharmaceutical companies, food companies and farmers--in a federal forum Tuesday to detail what they're doing to fight antibiotic resistance.

Many consumers surprised at insurance bills, report finds

Almost 33 percent of individuals enrolled in a private health plan have received surprise medical bills in the past two years, according to a new survey from Consumer Reports.

Best and worst hospital rankings often conflict, confuse consumers

Four of the most popular ratings systems for hospital quality are often at odds, potentially confusing patients, according to an analysis published in Health Affairs.

Consumer Reports releases latest round of patient feedback

Consumer Reports  has released its latest round of ratings for physician offices, this time using survey response data from more than 52,000 patients throughout California to rate practices on how well they communicate with patients, offer timely care and service, coordinate patient care, help patients stay healthy and provide helpful office staff.  

3 reasons insurance premiums won't 'skyrocket' next year

Despite what some media reports have to say, health insurance premiums won't "skyrocket" next year, according to an article by  ConsumerReports.