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Latest Headlines

As NFL players take hits, insurers collect cash

Last week, the National Football League approved a settlement that would issue payments to injured players after the league failed to properly investigate and respond to concussion-causing hits. However, a big slice of the payments will instead go to the players' health insurers.

Bad idea to replace Medicaid with block grants, NEJM says

Earlier this month,  a handful of Republican lawmakers unveiled their alternative plan to the Affordable Care Act. In part, the Patient Choice, Affordability, Responsibility and Empowerment Act aims to completely restructure Medicaid. Even though its terms appear "sketchy," as the  New England Journal of Medicine  put it, the proposal deserves recognition.

Medicaid expansion battles escalate, expand

The fight over Medicaid expansion in Florida and Texas escalated this week, as the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services warned Tennessee and Kansas that their special funding to pay hospitals and doctors for treating the poor could be pulled if they don't expand Medicaid.

EHRs help patients track, retain health insurance coverage

Electronic health records can be used as a source to validate a patient's health insurance coverage, which can help patients maintain insurance benefits and enjoy more continuity of care, according to a study published in the  Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association.

States that increase Medicaid payments also keep docs in place

Getting a large swath of providers to accept Medicaid has always been a challenge, but some states have apparently found a solution: Pay them more money.

ACA lowers uninsured by 15M people, mostly in Medicaid expansion states

It's good to be an insurer in a state that expanded Medicaid. That's because expansion states lowered their uninsured rate by more than 50 percent, compared to just 30 percent in nonexpansion states, according to the Urban Institute's latest Health Reform Monitoring Survey.

Report: Medicaid prescription drug use soars while private insurers see drop

Medicaid saw a big increase in prescription drug use last year, especially in states that expanded the program under the Affordable Care Act. Meanwhile, private insurers experienced a drop in prescription meds and their members also visited doctors less often, according to a new report from the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics.

Uninsured rate drops to 11.9 percent

The uninsured rate among Americans hit an all-time low of 11.9 percent for the first quarter of 2015,  according to a recent Gallup poll. The rate was 12.9 percent in the fourth quarter of 2014 and is down 5.2 percentage points since just prior to implementation of the Affordable Care Act in 2013.

How 4 states tackle healthcare cost measurement

A new report from the Milbank Memorial Fund examines healthcare cost measurement initiatives in four states and the policies driving them.

As laboratories remake themselves, will the healthcare industry capitalize?

When it comes to healthcare delivery, laboratories are in a tough spot. Whether hospital-based or standalone businesses, labs don't do much to stir the souls of healthcare finance executives....