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Latest Headlines

Shifting Medicaid enrollees into exchanges could improve access to care

As several states have implemented their own version of Medicaid expansion, shifting Medicaid enrollees into health insurance exchange plans can boost consumers' access to healthcare and stimulate the marketplaces.

ACA to add $274B in admin costs to healthcare system through 2022

The Affordable Care Act will add hundreds of billions of dollars in administrative costs to the nation's healthcare system through 2022. Private insurers will bear the brunt of this overhead.

Florida hospitals balk at turning over financial information

Florida Gov. Rick Scott has asked for financial information from most of the hospitals in the Sunshine State, and many of them are telling them to go look it up himself, according to the Jacksonville Business Journal.

Obama administration offers Florida $1.6 billion for hospital funding

The Obama administration appeared to offer Florida a compromise Thursday  regarding the ongoing debate over the state's federal funding request for its Low-Income Pool (LIP) and its opposition to Medicaid expansion.

In Wisconsin, non-emergency transportation falls woefully short

An audit of a Wisconsin transportation company that received $56 million from the state for non-emergency transportation to bring Medicaid beneficieries to appointments reveals the company often arrived late or not at all.

Success of Medicaid expansion cause for celebration, concern

The battle over Medicaid expansion continues. While supporters of the program are thrilled with the enrollment figures, opponents fear the rising costs will plague states. 

GAO: Medicaid payment records incomplete

On the heels of a report earlier this month that as many as 1,800 physicians continued billing state Medicaid programs after they were banned from Medicare, a new report released by the Government Accountability Office indicates that Medicaid payment records are inaccurate and incomplete.

Five percent of Medicaid enrollees run up nearly half of program's costs

The Medicaid program costs the U.S. taxpayers some $460 billion a year. And it appears just 5 percent of the program's enrollees account for nearly half of its costs, according to a new report from the Government Accountability Office.

CMS' Jason McNamara: Keep challenging data

Analyzing the massive amounts of data flowing through the Medicaid program is one of the main focuses of his job, Jason McNamara, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services senior technical director of Medicaid health IT, tells  Healthcare Informatics  in an interview.

Employer-based coverage growing faster than exchange, Medicaid plans

Predictions that the health insurance exchanges would significantly shift the insurance business toward an individual market have yet to come true. In fact, the largest gains in health coverage are from increased enrollment in employer-based plans, according to a new study from Rand Corp. that was published in the journal  Health Affairs.