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Latest Headlines

Many remaining uninsured qualify for Medicaid or coverage subsidies

Nearly 50 percent of the non-elderly uninsured American population qualifies for Medicaid or some other subsidized form of healthcare coverage through the Affordable Care Act, according to a new analysis from the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Medicaid cuts in Connecticut apparently dashed hospital deal

Connecticut's slashing of Medicaid dollars to hospitals in an attempt to balance its budget has claimed at least one hospital deal as collateral damage, according to the Hartford Courant.

Senate hearing addresses Medicare and Medicaid overpayments

The federal government spent an estimated $124.7 billion in 2014 inimproper payments across 22 government agencies, most of which came from Medicare and Medicaid programs, according to expert testimony from a senior GAO official.  

Alaska safety-net providers sue over botched Medicaid software

A group of providers in Alaska is suing a subsidiary of the Xerox Corp., claiming the company botched an install of new Medicaid payment software, the  Alaska Daily News  has reported.

Medicaid directors' inadequate pay may hurt program's success

Medicaid is typically a state's largest centrally managed program, and has significant impact on other healthcare sectors nationwide. But despite the program's complexities, it does not always have the tools to maintain operational success.  

California sees an increase in balance billing among Medi-Cal recipients

Although medical providers are prohibited from billing patients for costs that aren't covered by Medi-Cal, California's low income insurance plan, patient advocates say they are receiving an increasing number of complaints regarding the practice known  as balance billing.

State audit: Nebraska failed to act on overpayment referrals

More than 12,000 overpayment referrals are sitting untouched in the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services' "overpayments mailbox," according to a state audit released last week.

2 ways states' Medicaid ACOs can overcome challenges

As  Medicaid accountable care organizations continue to gain traction, their success largely will depend upon states' ability to generate savings and overcome challenges. For the most part, states adopt ACOs for two reasons: To reign in cost-related concerns and to coordinate care across populations. 

Study finds use of prescription drugs tied to lower medical costs in Medicaid patients

The use of prescription drugs among Medicaid enrollees often is associated with decreases in other Medicaid costs, mostly in inpatient spending and outpatient spending, according to a recent study. 

OIG report: Washington needs better policies for suspending providers with credible allegations of fraud

From March 2011 through September 2013, Washington failed to suspend Medicaid payments to 48 providers being investigated for credible allegations of fraud, according to a report from the Office of Inspector General.