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Latest Headlines

The benefits of expanding Medicaid

Medicaid: to expand or not to expand? That is the question for the 24 states who opted out of the 2012 ruling under the Affordable Care Act. But for the 26 states, and the District of Columbia, who chose to extend the option to lower-income residents, the uninsured rate has dropped, while hospital admissions has increased, finds a new  report from PwC's Health Research Institute.

Insurers look for help to pay health insurance tax

Friendly reminder for insurers: the newly-instated health insurance tax (HIT) of $8 billion is due September 30. But insurers are not alone to handle and figure out how to pay such a hefty sum. The industry as a whole is turning to taxpayers to help cough up the money,  reports  Kaiser Health News.

Why do we still attach poor people's estates to recoup Medicaid costs?

Our country has always had problems helping the poor without some sort of gimmick or catch. Listen to the sermon and find God, mop the soup kitchen floor after dinner is served, etc. It all plays...

Home care benefits drive losses and gains

Medicare and Medicaid in-home care made news last week in stories showing that the same service setting can drive program dollar losses or savings depending on providers and patients involved.

California mulls ending some Medicaid estate recoupments

Gov. Jerry Brown (D) could make California one of the first states in the nation that would preemptively block collections from the estates of deceased patients who receive ordinary Medicaid benefits, Kaiser Health News reported

State roundup: Exchange, Medicaid expansion updates

There's been a lot of action throughout the states ahead of the next open enrollment period for health insurance exchanges. Meanwhile, some state officials are still considering whether to expand their Medicaid programs. Here's a roundup of the recent news across states.

Study: Higher Medicaid reimbursement leads to more cancer screenings

When Medicaid programs provide higher reimbursements for doctors' office visits, Medicaid members are more likely to receive cancer screenings for breast, cervical and colorectal cancers, according to a  study  published in the journal,  Cancer.

Fighting prescription drug fraud: 2 wins and a delay

The federal government scored big wins against prescription drug fraud last week, while New Jersey pushed back its implementation deadline for providers' use of securer prescription pads.  

CMS solicits ideas for engagement models

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is soliciting comments through Sept. 15 about its proposed initiatives to test new engagement models for Medicare, Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program.

Medicaid insurers struggle to pay for pricey drugs

Medicaid insurers are struggling to pay for pricey drugs, leading some to request states to increase payments so they can run their plans. Meanwhile, some states are deciding restrict the expensive medications.