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Latest Headlines

FL safety-net hospitals claim state Medicaid program underpaid them by $73.3 million

The University of Florida Health Shands Hospital and several other safety-net hospitals in the Sunshine State claim that the state's Medicaid program underpaid them as much as $73.3 million between 2000 and last year, the Gainesville Sun reported.

MetroHealth creates regionalized Medicaid program

MetroHealth, Cleveland's primary safety-net hospital, used a miniaturized Medicaid program for its service region to increase coverage and improve outcomes, National Public Radio reports.

Uninsured rates drop in states expanding Medicaid, running own exchange

Insurers operating in Arkansas and Kentucky are probably pretty happy, given that those states recorded the largest reduction in uninsured residents since the health insurance exchange enrollment season, according to a new Gallup poll.

Are Medicaid insurers poised for takeovers?

As insurers continually point to providers' bargaining power as a primary driver of growing healthcare costs, many may be working to boost their own market strength by buying up smaller companies. Health analysts believe that Medicaid insurers, including Centene, Health Net, Molina and WellCare, are particularly poised for a merger or acquisition from larger insurers like Aetna, Cigna, Humana or UnitedHealthcare, reported  Healthcare Payer News.

Most states to revert Medicaid pay to 2012 rates

In an effort to sustain healthcare availability for low-income families, six states will use their own money to extend the Medicaid pay increase to primary care physicians in 2015,  Kaiser Health News  reported.

GAO: State funding for Medicaid shifts back to providers

More states turn to non-traditional methods to fund the portion of their Medicaid obligation that is not covered by the federal government, according to a new report by the Government Accountability Office. 

6 states, D.C. to use own funds for Medicaid pay raise

Six states and the District of Columbia have decided to use their own funds in 2015 to extend the Medicaid pay raise to primary care doctors, reports  Kaiser Health News.

States turn to smart cards to curb Medicaid fraud

States are exploring the use of smart cards to verify Medicaid recipients' identities and foil fraud, according to NJ.com opinion piece.

Louisiana: Hospital privatization effort saves money

The public hospitals previously operated by the Louisiana State University healthcare system spent significantly less than budgeted for indigent care in the just completed fiscal year, but lawmakers wonder whether uninsured patients are merely seeking treatment at other hospitals, the Associated Press reported.

Medicaid can reap the rewards of medical homes

Medicaid programs could lower costs and boost quality care by implementing a patient-centered medical home model. Connecticut, for example, incorporated a medical home for its Medicaid program, improving quality and dropping per-member costs by 2 percent in only 18 months.