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Latest Headlines

Medicaid expansion leads to greater use of healthcare services

Low-income adults in states that have expanded Medicaid feel as though their health insurance options have improved, and their use of healthcare services has also increased, according to new research discussed in an editorial published in the  Annals of Internal Medicine.  

Medi-Cal ditches $179M IT modernization project

California has decided to scrap a $179 million computer modernization project for its Medi-Cal program and start over, reports  California Healthline.

Texas officials struggle to prove orthodontists committed fraud

A recent court ruling in favor of a Texas orthodontics provider adds to the state's longstanding inability to prove claims that dental providers overbilled Medicaid tens of millions of dollars, according to the  Austin American-Statesman.  

OIG says lack of clear rules caused states to overdraw $130M in Medicaid funds

A combination of out-of-date regulations and confusion over a lack of guidance from federal officials led two states to overdraw more than $130 million in Medicaid funds and another to use Medicaid funds for unrelated expenditures, according to a new report from the Office of Inspector General.  

Docs report: Time with patients most rewarding part of job; still, paperwork is overwhelming

Orthopedic specialists, cardiologists and dermatologists are the most well compensated physicians, according to an annual physician compensation report, which includes results captured from more than 19,000 physicians.

Despite privatization, many safety net hospitals in Louisiana may close

Facing stark budget deficits, Louisiana is preparing for deep cuts in its healthcare budget, and the state's safety net hospitals could suffer as a result.

Schools, low-wage employers offer pathway to enrolling uninsured

More than one-third of the nation's uninsured are eligible for low-cost healthcare through Medicaid or substantial tax credits, making it a promising group for targeted outreach efforts to reduce the rate of uninsured individuals, according to an Urban Institute report.

3 ways for doctors to earn money on the side

Whether they're struggling to pay down medical school debt or a big mortgage or they're helping their children pay for college, doctors have options if they want to increase their earnings, reports  Medscape.

EHR disparity between Medicaid, Medicare MU docs unacceptable

The unintended creation of disparities caused by the Meaningful Use program has reached a new low.

A look at states' efforts to coordinate care for Medicare, Medicaid populations

Currently 13 states are working to align Medicare and Medicaid financing as well as integrate primary and acute care, behavioral health services and long-term services and supports through a variety of innovative methods, according to a new report from the Center for Healthcare Strategies.