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Latest Headlines

Medicaid expansion helps Anthem, UnitedHealth boost earnings

As insurers' stocks are hitting all-time highs, the nation's two largest insurers--UnitedHealth and Anthem--ended last year on a high note financially, with both reporting better-than-expected earnings for the fourth quarter last year.

How states can help control healthcare spending

Despite a recent report from the Congressional Budget Office projecting that healthcare spending will be a major contributor to the federal budget deficit in the next few years, states can take the lead in reducing care costs, according to an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal.

Glitch leaves thousands of Pennsylvania Medicaid beneficiaries without substance abuse treatment

Thousands of Pennsylvania residents are unable to receive treatment for addiction and mental health-related issues thanks to a glitch that occurred back in December.

CBO: Healthcare to drive spending increases over next decade

Healthcare expenditures will contribute to an increase in federal spending over the next few years, according to a new report from the Congressional Budget Office.

AHA says uncompensated care rose slightly in 2013

Uncompensated care expenditures by hospitals increased for the 13th consecutive year in 2013, although the increase was relatively modest and was outstripped by moderations in total hospital operating expenses.

Nontraditional medical offices hit the road, meet different reactions

When the going gets tough, choices get even tougher for independent physicians. But not all physicians struggling to maintain private practices have stuck with the options that have come to comprise today's standard menu: Go big, go concierge or get out.

IDC: Payers need to better understand the overall consumer population

The success of certain areas in the health insurance industry--namely, the individual insurance exchange, Medicaid, Medicare and dual eligibles--depends on payers' ability to better understand the overall consumer population.

Congress mulls bill to improve complex care for pediatric Medicaid patients

Congress will mull legislation that would make it far easier for providers to coordinate the special needs care of pediatric enrollees in the Medicaid program. If p assed into law, the bill would save the Medicaid program on the federal and state level as much as $13 billion over 10 years.

Michigan deploys mHealth apps to foster Medicaid client involvement

Michigan Medicaid clients are now able to remotely access medical and healthcare information thanks to a new app and portal developed by the Michigan Department of Community Health's Bureau of Medicaid Operations. 

Obama open to states requiring Medicaid members to have jobs

Two Republican governors say the Obama administration seems more open and willing to compromise on Medicaid expansion plans, including using work requirements as a condition for Medicaid eligibility.