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Latest Headlines

MedPAC proposes DRGs for short-stay hospital admissions

Admitting that payment policies regarding short-term hospital stays are "ambiguous and open to interpretation" and could be placing a large financial burden on patients, the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC) has suggested creating specific diagnosis related groups (DRGs) that would focus on one-day admissions to inpatient care facilities.

CMS final rule inlcudes good news on reimbursement reductions, tomosynthesis

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services' recently released final rule for the 2015 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule and Hospital Outpatient Prospective Payment Systems has some significant implications for medical imaging.

Once upon a fraudulently claimed mattress

I just read an old indictment announcement from the FBI that recalled themes of durable medical equipment fraud, sales quotas, and the temptations for people to throw themselves off legal and...

Medicare may cover end-of-life care

Medicare announced Friday it might pay doctors to counsel patients on end-of-life care options, reports the Associated Press. Some private insurers already cover such counseling--those who support...

Insurance issues debated in midterm elections

Medicaid and Medicare continue to be campaign issues in the eleventh hour of the midterm legislative and gubernatorial campaigns, and recent headlines suggest payers eyeing Medicaid profits hope for Democratic victories. 

Are hospitals being punished by Medicare for treating poor patients?

Medicare may penalize many hospitals for patient readmissions due to circumstances that are beyond their control, accor ding to   Forbes  contributor Peter Ubel.

CMS clarifies short-stay claims settlement offer

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has issued an update on its settlement process with providers regarding disputed short-term hospital claims

C-suite fraud: Cases and deterrents

Recent cases of proven and alleged fraud by executives raise the issue of how companies can anticipate and respond to this problem.

Medicare spending slowdown: Thank Part D

Medicare spending is slowing down drastically--thanks, for the most part, to Part D. The Medicare prescription drug program has accounted for more than 60 percent of Medicare spending cuts since 2011,  ac cording to  a  Health Affairs  blog post.

'Tis the season for Medicare scams

Today is significant for Medicare beneficiaries: Oct. 15 marks the beginning of open enrollment for Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage, a period that will run through Dec. 7. It's an...