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Latest Headlines

More reasons to prioritize safety threat cases

Farid Fata, M.D., the notorious oncologist facing imprisonment for healthcare fraud, is back in the headlines. Michigan attorney Donna McKenzie recently filed civil lawsuits on behalf of 11...

Physician-run ACO saves $22M

One accountable care organization agreement between Medicare and a group of Florida doctors has saved $22 million in one year, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians. 

Few eligible Part D enrollees receive drug therapy management

CMS requires that all Medicare Part D plans offer medication therapy management (MTM) to eligible consumers. But only 11 percent of those who are eligible for the service receive it, finds a new analysis from Avalere Health. 

Software tool boosts health coach program effectiveness, drives greater savings

Several northeastern Massachusetts hospitals are significantly reducing readmission rates of at-risk Medicare patients and saving more than $100 a month per patient thanks to a health coach program incorporating a patient tracking app deployed on tablet devices.

Medicare spending slowdown could put brakes on Medicare reform

Medicare spending will slow down over the next decade--and although  this bodes well for the federal budget it could also slow down Medicare reform, notes a  post  in  the Morning Consult.

Trustees: Medicare funds safe through 2030

Neither Medicare nor Social Security can carry on with their current financial schedules, and legislative changes must be addressed, according to an annual report released Monday by the Social Security and Medicare Boards of Trustees.

Senate committee pushes for RAC reform

A bipartisan senate committee report recommended paying Medicare recovery audit contractors (RAC) based on reductions of improper payment rates in their jurisdictions instead of the volume of improper claims recovered, Bloomberg BNA reported.

NJ hospital gainsharing initiative saves $113 million

A quality and cost initiative spearheaded by the New Jersey Hospital Association saved a dozen hospitals in the Garden State about $113 million over three years.

Cut prescription drug prices to achieve Medicare savings

Given the recent surge in pricey prescription drugs, lawmakers are calling for Medicare to offer rebates and negotiate prices to reap significant savings, according to a report released Wednesday by advocacy groups the Medicare Rights Center and Social Security Works.

Medicare pilot programs waive three-day admission rule for senior patients

Medicare officials piloting experimental programs across dozens of U.S. hospitals want to know if dropping the requirement that limits nursing home coverage to seniors admitted to the hospital for at least three days can reduce costs and improve care,  Kaiser Health News   reported.