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Latest Headlines

Power wheelchair provider nets more than $27 million in improper payments

The second-highest biller for power wheelchairs received nearly $27 million in improper Medicare payments in 2010, according to a report from the Office of Inspector General.

Expiring Medicare bonus incentive puts increased pressure on physicians' margins

The expiration of a Medicare incentive program aimed at primary care physicians will hurt margins in some practices, according to an article in  Kaiser Health News, though the overall effect on the Medicare market remains unclear.

The fine print: No raise for Medicare docs in 2016

If physician executives and hospital leaders have not yet read all 1,358 pages of Medicare's 2016 Physician Fee Schedule Final Rule, there is one finding that is essential for them to understand, writes  Kent Bottles, M.D.,  a lecturer at the Thomas Jefferson University School of Population Health and chief medical officer of PYA Analytics, in a post for  Hospital Impact.

HHS to end provider agreement with Seattle hospital over 'multi-systemwide failures'

In the wake of an inspection that found "multi-systemwide failures" that created a major risk of patient harm, Seattle's Western State Hospital may lose millions in Medicare and Medicaid funding, according to the Associated Press.

CMS renegs on promised Medicare rate increase; Final 2016 fee schedule cuts physician pay

Although last spring's Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act rescued physicians who accept Medicare from a 21 percent pay cut under the sustainable growth rate formula, doctors will see a small pay cut in 2016--rather than the promised 0.5 percent raise

Physician practices struggle to find profit in chronic care management, survey finds

Physicians have had the option to bill Medicare for non-face-to-face work they do to manage patients' chronic conditions for about 10 months now, but implementation of chronic care management programs remains relatively low.

CMS approves payment for voluntary end-of-life talks

Reimbursement for advance-care planning will become a reality for physicians who accept Medicare in 2016, six years after controversy swirling around "death panels" got a similar provision dropped from the Affordable Care Act.

Budget agreement would cut some hospital-based outpatient payments

A rare bipartisan budget agreement reached in Congress makes it likely that there will be no government shutdown over spending issues. But hospitals say they are shut out.

Mt. Sinai CEO: Medicare readmission policies are unfair

The chief executive officer of the Mount Sinai Health System in New York City argues that Medicare's current structure for managing patient readmissions penalizes hospitals that treat the poorest patients.

House Dems say they won't OK reduction in Medicare benefits

House Democrats say they will refuse to reduce any Medicare benefits as a way to avoid premium increases next year, according to  The Hill.  But while this would bode well for millions of Medicare members, it could mean a potential Democrat-Republican House grudge match.