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Latest Headlines

Healthcare jobs approaching pre-recession levels

The healthcare labor market--which, like other sectors of the economy, was hit hard by the Great Recession--is near its 2007 levels again. The sector added a robust 31,000 jobs in July--including a

Governors contest Medicaid cuts floated in debt ceiling talks

The National Governors Association (NGA) is asking the Obama Administration to pull back on proposed Medicaid cuts as part of a deal to raise the debt ceiling, reports The Hill's Healthwatch. Such

S&P: Outlook for hospital finances bright

Standard & Poor's managing director of non-profit healthcare ratings has a generally positive outlook for healthcare facilities for the next couple of years. Martin Arrick told a packed ballroom

Obama Administration to end ACA waivers; Hospitals with strong market position maintained it during recession;

> The Obama Administration said it plans to end a program that provided ACA waivers, reports the New York Times. Article > Unnecessary double CT scans are commonplace at hundreds of U.S.

HFMA ANI focuses on providing value in healthcare

If there is a unifying theme for the Healthcare Financial Management Association's 2011 Annual National Institute (ANI), it could best be described as "value," according to HFMA Technical Director

Healthcare donations grow, along with fundraising costs

The hospital industry had among its biggest fundraising success in years, receiving substantially more donations in 2010 despite trying economic times, according to a new report from the Association

Providers may face Medicaid payment cuts in 33 states

It's grim times for state Medicaid programs: Thirty-three states have proposed cutting Medicaid payments to providers in fiscal 2012, according to a new survey conducted by the National Governors

Docs in large or specialty groups earn more on-call pay

Larger and specialty physician practices command--and charge more--to provide on-call services to hospitals and other provider organizations, concludes the Medical Group Management Association's

Obama rejects proposals to reorganize Medicare, Medicaid

President Barack Obama rejected a Republican proposal to change Medicare to a voucher program and Medicaid into bloc grants to the states, report the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. "These

Uninsured Americans reach 52 million

The number of Americans who lacked health insurance for at least part of the year reached 52 million in 2010, report the Commonwealth Fund and Bloomberg News. That number is roughly 40 percent higher