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Latest Headlines

How retail clinics can bridge healthcare gaps

Retail clinics could play a vital role in addressing sociodemographic aspects of healthcare, according to a new report from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

3 factors in highly effective value-based payment programs

A  Health Affairs  blog post identifies   several common factors in value-based payment reform programs that have had success so far. Here are three of them.  

ACA lowers uninsured by 15M people, mostly in Medicaid expansion states

It's good to be an insurer in a state that expanded Medicaid. That's because expansion states lowered their uninsured rate by more than 50 percent, compared to just 30 percent in nonexpansion states, according to the Urban Institute's latest Health Reform Monitoring Survey.

States that expanded Medicaid saved millions

The more than two dozen states that have expanded Medicaid eligibility under the Affordable Care Act are apparently reaping extensive financial gains from doing so, according to a new policy brief published by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation on behalf of Manatt Health Solutions.

4 ways to improve health data collection

A framework is required to advance a culture of health and change how health-related data is collected and used, according to a  paper  in  eGEMs (Generating Evidence & Methods to improve patient outcomes).

4 ways to balance health privacy, data sharing

Consumers want to know their data will be used for helpful purposes, yet seek assurances of privacy and protection against breaches, according to a new report from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

3 challenges for meaningful delivery reform

The alignment of new payment models with existing provider compensation formulas is just one of several challenges that healthcare leaders must address to achieve meaningful payment and healthcare delivery reform, according to a new report from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Healthcare spending is on the rise again

Healthcare spending, which had been tempered in recent years by the fiscal constraints of the Great Recession, appears to be moving on an upward track for the long term.

RWJF grant to spur patient engagement at Partners

Partners HealthCare will soon develop tool to better enable patient engagement thanks to a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

CO-OPs face uncertain financial future

Risk adjustment, reinsurance and the  controversial risk corridor program may not be enough to protect consumer operated and oriented health plans from the consequences of rapid growth, according to a recent report from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.