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Latest Headlines

The evolution of ACOs and what it may look like in the future [Special Report]

In this special report,  FierceHealthcare  talks to experts and providers about the evolution of ACOs, the most significant changes to the model and what the future holds. 

RWJF's report on MU gives validity to pausing Stage 3

It's not often that you see one report hedge its bets so often regarding whether something is working. But that's exactly what the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's (RWJF) annual health IT report does regarding the Meaningful Use program.

RWJF: HITECH Act falls short of overall goals

The HITECH Act has helped initiate "significant" progress in the use of health IT, but has fallen short of its goal to create an efficient and effective healthcare system with the advanced use of health IT, according to a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation report.

New program to test virtual reality in curbing antibiotic overuse

A new simulation program, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Pioneer Portfolio program, will allow physicians to participate in interactive role play to help reduce antibiotic overuse. 

Number of narrow-network plans varies widely by state

As narrow networks tied to the Affordable Care Act continue to be a hot topic of debate, a new report highlights where in the country these controversial plans are most common.

How insurers, regulators can capitalize on big data

While  big data has the power to transform the health insurance industry, regulators don't often capitalize on the given opportunity.

Affordable Care Act hasn't killed jobs but hasn't created them either

There has been a long-running debate as to whether the Affordable Care Act is actually killing jobs, creating them or doing little at all. A new study suggests it is the third case.  

Expansion of insurance coverage drove recent healthcare spending increases

As healthcare spending appears poised to rise in the coming years, a new study suggests that the recent upward bumps may be due to millions of more Americans gaining coverage as opposed to other market trends.  

Medicare will likely update measures for hospital-acquired conditions

In the wake of recent research that revealed a flaw in how Medicare measures reductions in hospital-acquired conditions, the agency plans to update and expand the methodology it uses to calculate the benchmarks.

State-based exchanges achieve high levels of re-enrollment

Six states successfully re-enrolled large numbers of residents during the second year of open enrollment on the health insurance exchanges.