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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Ruling against subsidies could hurt hospitals

A U.S. District Court judge's decision that may strike down the Obama administration's ability to set money aside for insurance subsidies on the exchange could wind up hurting hospitals the most.

Community health centers on the rise: HHS to fund 266 new sites

The Department of Health and Human Services announced it will fund 266 new primary care health center sites in high-need areas nationwide to the tune of $169 million.

Hospital stocks take hit after HCA earnings release

Publicly-traded hospital stocks were hit hard last week due to a spike in uninsured patients at one company,  Investor's Business Daily  has reported.

An interview with K.B. Forbes, advocate for the uninsured

A recent study in Health Affairs had some eyebrow-raising data. A nearly decade-old law on the books in California regulating how much hospitals can charge uninsured patients has helped to...

Calif. law effective at curbing hospital charges to uninsured

A 2006 California law intended to cap what uninsured patients would have to pay for treatment at hospitals has resulted in lower charges for them overall, according to a new study published in  Health Affairs.

New federal patient finance rules are impressive--so long as they're enforced

These have been less than heady days for the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Two agencies under its supervision, the Secret Service and the Internal Revenue Service, have been under fire. The former has been criticized for agents going missing at inopportune times at the White House, while the latter couldn't find emails about how it investigates political fundraising groups for their tax exemptions.

CMS makes changes to DSH rules

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has issued a final ru le  on how how to define uninsured patients for the purpose of collecting disproportionate share hospital payments that may offer relief to some hospitals. 

ACA is big boost to bottom line of safety net hospitals

The Affordable Care Act is restoring health to the bottom lines of safety net hospitals, according to USA Today.

TX physicians create cash-only practices for uninsured

In Texas, which has millions of uninsured residents, doctors and patients increasingly rely on a cash-based finance model--a system that appears to work for both parties, according to the  Texas Tribune.

Ohio hospitals offer patient loan programs

Some Ohio hospitals provide loans to patients struggling to meet their insurance deductibles or co-payments, the Columbus Dispatch reports.