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Latest Headlines

5 steps to an effective hospital CEO apology

Hospital chief executive officers, take note: If you ever need to apologize for corporate wrongdoing, it's best you look sad while you say you're sorry, according to a new study published in the September 2015 issue of Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes.

New grads need not apply: Demand for nurses passes newcomers by

Nurses are in high demand in the healthcare industry--but only if they have experience, according to an article in  Comstock's.

3 reasons practice embezzlement persists

Many physician practices leaders believe their trusted employees would never steal from them, but statistics show that embezzlement is far more common than most doctors realize. 

About 1 in 3 jobs are vacant at 9 regional Veterans Affairs' health systems

About one in three jobs are vacant at nine of the regional Veterans Affairs healthcare systems  in the United States, leaving veterans weeks to get care,  USA Today  reports

3 steps to healthcare management that supports frontline workers

The healthcare industry's long-held "top-down" management model no longer suits the modern healthcare environment, and must be replaced with a new model that better supports frontline workers, argues a  Health post.

Hospital leaders should be more flexible when it comes to nurse retention

With the cost of replacing departed or retiring nurses often on the minds of hospital executives, they must consider new approaches toward retaining nursing staff, according to  Hospitals & Health Networks Daily. 

ER doc burnout buster: Innovative program aims to help with work-life balance

Stanford Hospital's Department of Emergency Medicine in California is offering an innovative "time-banking" program that aims to prevent emergency room doctors from burnout and lead more balanced lives, according to an article in  The Washington Post.

Patient safety experts: Make hand hygiene, flu shots mandatory for healthcare workers

Clinicians must no longer have the right to refuse to follow best practices for hand hygiene and influenza vaccinations, according to leading patient safety advocates in a  Health Affairs  blog post.

How the role of CISO in healthcare will mature

The role of chief information security officer will continue to mature, and has already seen great change as people in the position move to a more risk-based approach to tackling security challenges.

3 ways hospital leaders can improve nurse retention

As a wave of retiring nurses creates increased demand and potential shortages, hospital leaders must keep several strategies in mind to retain their nursing staff, according to Hospitals & Health Networks.