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Latest Headlines

New Jersey hospital loses property tax exemption

A New Jersey judge has thrown out the property tax exemption for one of the state's not-for-profit hospitals. Morristown Medical Center lost its property tax exemption when Tax Court Judge Vito Bianco had ruled that the hospital had so intermingled its not-for-profit and for-profit business ventures until the two were unrecognizable, according to

How hospitals can balance social media engagement, patient privacy

.While many companies use social media to promote their brand or business, it is often a challenge for hospitals that must balance the need to market their organizations and protect patient privacy in online postings, according to a report in the  Yakima Herald.

Reusable sharps containers may spread C. diff in hospitals

A new study found the rates of  C. difficile  infections, commonly referred to as C. diff, were 15 percent higher in hospitals that use reusable sharps containers than in hospitals that use single-use disposable containers.

AHIP, consumer reps battle over ACA model rules

State regulators part of the Regulatory Framework Task Force at the National Association of Insurance Commission are asking for comments as they plan to update two sets of model rules under the Affordable Care Act. 

Republicans vow to keep fighting healthcare reform despite King v. Burwell decision

Immediately following  the Obama administration's win in a 6-3 ruling on  King v. Burwell, Republican opponents of the Affordable Care Act voiced their outrage.

Infection preventionists spend more time on data collection than prevention

Hospital infection preventionists spend more time reporting and collecting data than they do protecting patients from healthcare-associated infections, according to new research.  

Healthcare stocks surge after King v. Burwell decision

Yesterday's Supreme Court ruling upholding Affordable Care Act subsidies in  King v. Burwell  is already having a positive impact on healthcare stocks in the hospital and insurance sectors, according to the Associated Press.

Landmark King v. Burwell ruling: Industry reacts, looks to future

The Supreme Court released its long-awaited opinion on  King v. Burwell  this morning in a 6-3 vote to uphold the Affordable Care Act's federal subsidies.

Feds ban health insurers that have blanket exclusions on gender transition care

By 2016, federal employees' health insurers will no longer be allowed to have blanket exclusions for transgender-specific healthcare services such as hormone therapy and gender-transition-related care,  Vox  reports. 

HFMA ANI 15: How risk stratification, care coordination helps lower costs for insurers

It pays for a health plan to identify at-risk individuals and intervene to keep them out of the hospital--both in terms of the organization's bottom line and for the overall health of its members, according to a summary of a presentation at this week's  Healthcare Financial Management Association's Annual National Institute in Orlando, Florida.