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Latest Headlines

Non-clinical care coordination process improves discharge process, reduces readmission

In case you missed it, this week FierceHealthcare ran a story about the success of a pilot program at three Pennsylvania hospitals that had non-clinical patient navigators help patients gain access...

Anthem, insurers on board for value-based payments

As new payment methods gain traction, the nation's second-largest insurer is taking leaps and bounds to transition away from the traditional fee-for-service model toward value-based payments.

5 optimistic healthcare trends for 2015

After the initial apprehension and uncertainty in the wake of the Affordable Care Act, optimism is taking hold among healthcare leaders, according to research from the Aegis Health Group, which identified several positive trends within the industry.

GAO: Hospital charges drive most geographic differences in care cost

Geographic variations in healthcare costs are a well-known phenomenon in the United States. And it appears that hospital charges--particularly those incurred just as a patient is admitted--are driving a lot of that variation, according to a recent study from the Government Accountabilty Office.

Illinois hospitals battle epidemic of empty beds

Illinois hospitals, like other facilities in rural areas, face an epidemic of empty beds. Nearly 40 percent of the state's beds went unused in 2013,  Crain's Chicago Business  reports.

Struggling CAHs should consider redesigns

Rural critical access hospitals are going through some tough times, but rethinking their design could lift some of the financial burdens, according to  Healthcare Design Magazine.

Healthcare expert disputes Brill assertions

Journalist Steven Brill's assertions about profits in the hospital sector are misleading, argues Chris Conover, a research scholar at the Center for Health Policy and and Inequities Research at Duke Univeristy in a column for  Forbes.

CMS to shorten Meaningful Use attestation reporting period for 2015

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has finally agreed to give providers a reprieve, announcing that it intends to issue a new rule that would "update" the Medicare and Medicaid EHR incentive programs, and shorten the attesting reporting period in 2015 from 365 days to 90 days in order to "accommodate" these changes.

CDC to crack down on laboratory security

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is tightening its laboratory security measures in the wake of several major safety mishaps, Reuters reports.

3 ways design can help critical access hospitals

Amid turbulent times for the nation's rural healthcare providers, rethinking design could make critical access hospitals (CAHs) more efficient, according to Healthcare Design Magazine.