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Latest Headlines

3 crisis management tools to protect hospital reputations

Reputation plays a key role in consumer preference when it comes to acute care hospitals, author Susan Neisloss wrote in a recent  Hospitals & Health Networks  article. To preserve your hospital's reputation, she suggested three elements to a crisis management plan.

Consolidation helps hospitals weather ACA changes

Across the country, the Affordable Care Act drives mergers and partnerships among hospitals hoping to improve and sustain care.

Defensive medicine may only account for 13% of hospital costs

About 13 percent of the costs incurred by hospitals can be attributed to the practice of defensive medicine--tests and treatments that aren't medically necessary but ordered to prevent lawsuits, according to a new study in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine.

Hospital prices barely rising, but consumers still shut out

Hospital prices have barely budged over the past year and so has the ability of most patients to see what  acute care facilities  charge for procedures.

Hospital closure hits region economically, logistically

The recent closure of Vidant Pungo Hospital in Belhaven, North Carolina has hit residents hard both in economic and healthcare terms, according to Kaiser Health News.

Price transparency: A first step toward true healthcare reform

The growing movement to reveal prices for hospital procedures is just one piece of the healthcare reform puzzle, according to leading experts who spoke Wednesday at  The Economists'  Heal th Care Forum 2014  in Boston.

Reimbursement system is broken, insurance CEO says

The health insurance payment system is broken and the Affordable Care Act, which was supposed to lower costs, is actually contributing to the problem, MVP Health Care CEO Denise Gonick, told the  Albany Business Review. 

Insurers: Customer service, member retention is more than a marketing initiative

When it comes to purchasing and selling health plans, consumers and payers start the experience clock ticking at different times.  For consumers, the experience begins the minute their insurer picks up the phone. That's not always the case for payers--but it should be, consumer engagement experts say.   

Anthem Blue Cross teams with 7 hospitals to launch integrated care program

Anthem Blue Cross and seven hospital groups in the highly-competitive Los Angeles market ann ounced  today that they'll form a partnership to provide a high-quality, cost-effective care. 

Companies look to eliminate the payer 'middle-man,' partner directly with ACOs

Insurers be warned: Many corporate executives are mulling whether they can provide their employees with higher-quality and more cost-effective healthcare without going through an insurance company.