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Latest Headlines

Freelancers Union to stop providing healthcare to New Yorkers

New York-based Freelancers Union will stop providing healthcare coverage to nearly 25,000 of its members, reports the  New York Times. 

4 mistakes hospitals make in the search for partnerships

In an effort to be more efficient, deliver value-based care and streamline the healthcare continuum, hospitals enter into partnerships out of want rather than financial necessity to stay ahead of competitors in the ever-evolving healthcare industry, according to a piece in Hospitals & Health Networks.

CMS report suggests a bright yet tough road for ACOs

Three additional ACOs left the Pio neer program this month, leaving just over half of the original 32 participants. 

Start up, CO-OP insurers are expanding into new markets

The competition continues to heat up within the insurance industry and the health insurance exchanges as start-up companies and consumer oriented and operated plans (CO-OPs) are doing so well that they're expanding into new markets.

Benefits of MD/MBA programs go both ways

While it may be too soon to determine whether the explosive growth in joint M.D./M.B.A. programs changed the dynamics of practicing medicine, individuals on both the clinical and administrative sides of healthcare report that such dual training improved the way they perform in their roles, according to an arti cle  from the  Atlantic.

Kaiser Permanente leaders share success strategies and advice

Kaiser Permanente chairman Bernard Tyson recently interviewed with  Forbes  about what's been called the "Kaiserfication" of healthcare, or rather, attempts by others to replicate Kaiser's success as an integrated hospital, physician and insurance organization that saw $53 billion in revenues last year.

4 ways to prevent patient "leakage"

Healthcare providers can take several steps to reduce patient "leakage," the industry term for primary care physicians who refer patients to out-of-system providers, rather than to those in their network, resulting in significant business losses, according to a blog post from Simon Associates' Kriss Barlow.

VA scandal whistleblowers receive settlement for unfair treatment

​The Veterans Affairs Department announced Monday it settled the complaints of three employees who faced retaliation after filing whistleblower complaints about the Phoenix VA hospital--revelations that led to a nationwide scandal that involved secret wait lists to cover up treatment delays and possible patient deaths.

Should insurers treat e-cigarettes like traditional tobacco products?

As e-cigarettes quickly gain popularity--more than 20 million people tried smoking one sometime in 2013--insurers are left without guidance or precedence on how to determine whether they should raise premiums for members who smoke e-cigarettes, reported the  St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Do CEO stock options impact firm borrowing?

Are publicly-traded healthcare firms less likely to take on debt when their CEOs receive compensation through stock options?