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Latest Headlines

Readmissions lead to $41.3B in additional hospital costs

Hospitals spent $41.3 billion between January and November 2011 to treat patients readmitted within 30 days of discharge, according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

Fitch: ICD-10 delay could help hospital finances

ICD-10, the oft-criticized initiative to greatly expand the number of billing codes used by providers, has been delayed for yet another year, a move that is likely to benefit not-for-profit hospitals.

Ohio hospitals offer patient loan programs

Some Ohio hospitals provide loans to patients struggling to meet their insurance deductibles or co-payments, the Columbus Dispatch reports.

Medicare to release doc payment, service data

The Obama administration,  in the wake of a recent  price transpa rency  movement,  will release data on services provided by doctors who participate in Medicare for the first time,  accord ing to  an announcement from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Supply chain management must adapt to changing healthcare landscape

A "just in case" approach to supply chain management no longer meets hospitals' needs In the U.S. and across the globe, according to  Supply Management.

Is Accretive Health in a death spiral?

Accretive Health, the Chicago-based revenue cycle management firm accused of harsh billing and collection practices, such as bedside collection visits for ER patients, now faces a money-showing...

Healthcare finance: Little has changed since mid-1960s

Out of curiosity, I decided to wander through the archived online edition of the Los Angeles Times on the day I was born. At the risk of dating myself, on the day I entered the world, you could...

Hospitals in Texas explore more equitable distribution of Medicaid funds

Hospitals in Texas, hurting from the state's decision not to pursue additional Medicaid funds, are now exploring how to distribute current funds more equitably.

Idaho lawmakers push for hospital price transparency

Idaho lawmakers, fearing their state is falling behind in terms of healthcare  price transparency  and quality reporting, are now pushing a bill that would require hospitals to post procedure prices and costs, the  Idaho Statesman  reported.

Alaska has $200M Medicaid claims payment backlog

Medicaid providers in Alaska state a faulty claims processing system has put them on shaky financial ground as they await payments held up for months, reported the  Alaska Dispatch.